Folks in Maryland, you can know rest easy.  The case of the Mad Crapper has been solved.  Yes, in Maryland, residents were having problems claiming that something/someone was leaving massive amounts of doodie on their lawns/driveways.  This is real life…


Kelly James Ervin, 48, is accused of being a litterbug of a different sort.  It’s not because he supposedly brings his “litter” with him, or that he deposits it whilst on his 4 A.M. runs.  It’s that he carries it from his home in his colon. Ervin is facing a single count of littering or dumping under 100 pounds following an investigation.  Police began receiving complaints about a year ago from residents.  The complainants stated that someone was leaving fecal matter on their lawns, driveways, and in their shrubbery. It seems as though a frequent recipient of Ervin’s brown parcels of loveliness got fed up and installed $4,500 worth of video surveillance equipment to catch the hit-and-run loaf pincher in the act.  Catch him he did; on about seven different occasions. There was even one occasion, on the afternoon of March 1, where the homeowner witnessed a man pull up in front of his house in a Jeep, park, exit the vehicle, walk to its front, drop his pants, and defecate on the driveway.  The license plate was recorded for posterity, and Ervin was subsequently identified by the homeowner as the culprit. On March 23, deputies tracked down Ervin and asked him a few questions.  He reportedly told them that he is a runner and, somewhere around the two mile mark, he always has to evacuate the Hershey highway.  Since he claims to have been doing this very thing for nearly 20 years, he even knows enough to bring a bit of toilet paper with him.  Ervin reportedly also told police he, “runs with a group of runners from the area and they also defecate at a certain point in their run.”  No charges were pending at that time, but police did ask him to stop.


We also got an Email from Kara and she wanted to know our stance on this….Some folks at her work were talking about if they are a sitter or a stander when it comes to wiping your butt.  The standers think the sitters are weird and the same goes for the other party…well, we asked you guys and have you vote…

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