DICK MOVES (4/24/12)

There are some stories where we can’t really categorize them in any other way but saying that they are just some for reals dick moves. Firing an employee after they donate a KIDNEY TO SAVE YOUR LIFE?!  Total DICK MOVE!


There aren’t many things that should guarantee you job security for LIFE . . . but DONATING A KIDNEY to save your boss’s life really SHOULD be enough.  But it wasn’t for this woman. 47-year-old Debbie Stevens of West Islip, New York used to work at a company called Atlantic Automotive Group, which operates car dealerships.  Her boss was 61-year-old Jackie Brucia. In January of last year, Jackie said she needed a kidney to live, and her donor had been denied.  So Debbie graciously offered to donate a kidney to save her boss’s life . . . and actually followed through with it last August.  Jackie got the kidney and was saved. But Debbie had some complications after the surgery, and missed some work.  And she says Jackie called her at home to YELL at her for it.  And KEPT yelling at her when she finally got back to the office. Finally, Jackie FIRED Debbie . . . even though Debbie’s kidney is keeping her alive. On Friday, Debbie filed papers with the New York Human Rights commission claiming she was SET UP by Jackie so she could get a kidney . . . then fired once the donation was made.


CHECK OUT THIS DICK MOVE! A dude pranks his sister and her friends.  IT’S HILARIOUS! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT


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