Today’s SPORTS report has us talking about the two blown calls last night for the Cardinals, the Blues still don’t know when they are playing, the NFL draft is tomorrow, and we chat about Ron Artest’s elbow and a coach of the year!

Two blown calls that led to runs gave the Cardinals their second loss in a row to Chicago last night.  The first coming from a cannon tossed by Carlos Beltran in right field as David DeJesus tried to score from third where he was CLEARLY out and didn’t even touch homeplate but was called safe.  Then, with the game tied at 2-2 in the 10th, Alfonso Soriano hit a single that drove in a runner on second, who should have been in the dugout after Yadi caught him trying to steal – but was called safe by the ump at second. Manager Mike Matheny argued…got ejected for the first time in his career…and the Cards lost 3-2. The Cards look to avoid the sweep this afternoon as they take on the Cubs this afternoon at 1:20PM as Lance Lynn takes the mound.

No official announcement from the league regarding the Blues/Kings series start date but the NHL first round continues.  Last night the Devils beat the Panthers to force a game 7, and tonight the Crapitals take on the Bruins in the deciding game in that series.

Yesterday two big things came out of Rams camp.  #1 – Steven Jackson wanted a new contract.  And #2 – The Rams were looking to trade him and were eying on picking up RB Trent Richardson at tomorrows draft.  Well, both Jackson and the team says these are nothing but rumors and neither side has discussed anything related to his contract, or being traded.  The other big story coming out of the NFL is the fact that the Colts have officially announced who they will be drafting #1 overall tomorrow….and….it’s Andrew Luck.  The team said it changed it’s mind on waiting till tomorrow to allow the media frenzy to begin so he isn’t bombarded tomorrow after he’s selected.

Some NBA news, the league has suspended Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest for the final game of the regular season and SIX playoff games for the elbow that he dropped on Oklahoma City’s James Harden earlier this week.  Artest still claims it was an accident, but with his history of suspensions (this is his THIRD suspension of at least 7 games) has a history of on the court altercations.  If you remember, back in 04 – Artest decided to fight some fans and was suspended for 86 games – the longest in NBA history.

And finally…coach of the year nominee goes to…..a guy in Pennsylvania named John Zahradnik who was charged Saturday with reckless endangerment and harassment.  Why?  Well the coach had an argument with an umpire, which then led to him yelling at a woman, where a guy tried to break up the argument.  The coach got pissed and decided to attempt to run the man over with his pickup truck…and when that failed he got out and started punching him in the face.  When people pulled the coach off the good Samaritan…he went into his truck, shouted, “I got a gun.”  And then pulled out a pistol.  Another man in the crowd shoved the coach into his truck and the coach sped off.

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