So celebrating EARTH DAY should be about recycling, saving energy, and being as environment friendly as possible correct?  Check out these couple of EARTH DAY FAIL stories.  Quite the opposite….

Happy Earth Day, everybody! Just when we thought our faith in the drunkards had been restored, we spotted this disaster area left behind after throngs of Marina District revelers took their over consumption outdoors yesterday afternoon. After a brief stop at the Marina Dateway, where the neighborhood grocery store was experiencing a run on domestic beer and ladies were overheard discussing the caloric content of various vodkas, check this scene on the grass at Fort Mason around 7 p.m. Saturday evening. Check out these pictures!

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It’s one thing to care about the environment . . . to recycle, to avoid littering, to keep your thermostat at a reasonable level, to avoid dumping your barrels full of toxic chemicals at playgrounds.  But you CAN take it too far. According to a new survey for Earth Day . . . which is this Sunday . . . 64% of Americans say they believe there’s such a thing as being “TOO GREEN.”  Here’s what they mean . . .

72% say it’s “too green” to rarely take showers because you don’t want to waste water.

68% say it’s “too green” to dig through dumpsters for clothes or FOOD.

53% say it’s “too green” to reuse dirty Ziploc bags.

And 52% say it’s “too green” to wear dirty clothes over and over so you don’t have to use energy on laundry.

And speaking of being TOO GREEN…check this out…

I just don’t think it’s in the spirit of Earth Day to FIGHT SOMEONE for not being green.  And that’s EXACTLY what happened this year. On Sunday, which was Earth Day, 44-year-old Andrea Jane Ginther of Indianapolis was driving through Muncie, Indiana when she saw another woman, quote, “toss a piece of paper on the ground.” The other woman was 23-year-old Mercadies Kirby of Muncie.  Andrea stopped her car, got out, and told Mercadies she, quote, “does not take littering lightly.”  They started yelling at each other. By the time the cops got there a few minutes later, Andrea was PUNCHING Mercadies IN THE FACE.  She was arrested for battery, resisting law enforcement, and disorderly conduct. By the way, Andrea was driving an SUV when she pulled over to confront Mercadies on behalf of the Earth.

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