In Today’s CRAP ON CELEBRITIES we chat about Hulk Hogan and his sex tape, and we talk Octomom and he thoughts on welfare!  Plus today’s CRAPPY BDAYS and the WORLD FAMOUS PORNO BIRTHDAY!

HULK HOGAN can’t deny that he’s got a SEX TAPE floating around anymore, because a gossip site called The Dirty has posted three pictures from it. They’re really grainy, and you can’t see much, but it’s pretty obvious that Hogan’s the guy in the pics.  Especially in the third one.  Check ’em out here.    Hulk’s attorneys have fired off a cease-and-desist to the website, claiming the footage was shot without his knowledge or permission . . . but so far they’re refusing to take the photos down. Nobody knows who the woman in the photos is . . . but a lot of people believe it’s Heather Clem . . . the ex-wife of Florida DJ Bubba the Love Sponge.  Check her out here. Hulk and Bubba are good friends . . . and this tape was allegedly shot in Bubba and Heather’s BEDROOM.   Maybe not.  Supposedly, Bubba has said that when he and Heather were married, he would sometimes “offer” her to his pals.  An interesting concept, since the Ultimate Warrior recently claimed that Hulk once “offered” his wife Linda to him. This tape was supposedly recorded after Hogan left Linda and before he met his current wife Jennifer.



“Octomom” NADYA SULEMAN appeared on “Good Morning America” yesterday.  Here’s what we learned . . . First of all, Nadya is NOT receiving $2,000 a month in public assistance like she originally said she was.  She actually gets between $4,000 and $5,000.  But she claims she’s done taking from the government.  She said, quote, “It’s almost over.  This is our last month on food stamps.” Nadya also denies she paid $520 for just TWO hair appointments.  She says that price included payment for 14 haircuts for her kids. That still seems like a lot, doesn’t it?  If you figure each kid’s cut cost 20 bucks . . . which is probably on the HIGH end, that’s only $280.  Which means Nadya spent $240 on the two appointments for herself. Still, Nadya says it’s okay because she doesn’t just live on public assistance.  She says, quote, “I am making money, though.  I have jobs and I can afford it.” One of Nadya’s recent “jobs” was that topless photo shoot she did for a British magazine.  Nadya was asked if posing nude and taking welfare . . . two things she swore she’d never do . . . made her a hypocrite. She said, quote, “I had to eat my words.  You know what, we’re human beings.  We’re all entitled to change our minds.” As for those incriminating photos from her house that led to an investigation by police and Child Services, Nadya says she believes the hairdresser who took them SET HER UP.  And she sort of explained some of the pictures away.  Like the one where two of her kids are using training toilets in the backyard.  Nadya says they had to because there were plumbing problems . . . but they’ve already been fixed. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE!


Check out the trailer for Snooki and JWowws MTV show.  If you care about it at all.  Who gives an ISH?! Click here if you want to see it.



“The Raven”  (R)

“The Five-Year Engagement”  (R)

“Safe”  (R)

–Jerry Seinfeld – 58
–Casey Kasem – 80
–Jessica Alba – 31
–John Daly – 46  (Drunk, golfing redneck.)
–Penélope Cruz – 38
–Andre Agassi – 42
–Uma Thurman – 42
–Eve Plumb – 54  (Jan on “The Brady Bunch”)
–Jay Leno – 62
–Michelle Pfeiffer – 54
–Jorge Garcia – 39 (Hurley on “Lost”.  Now he’s on “Alcatraz”)
–Patrick Stump – 28  (Lead singer Fall Out Boy)
–Richard Kline – 68  (Larry on “Three’s Company”)
–Carnie Wilson – 44
–Ace Frehley – 61  (Guitar player for KISS)
–Bridget Moynahan – 41  (Supermodel who gave birth to Tom Brady’s son)
–Master P – 45  (rapper)
–Daniel Day-Lewis – 55
–Kate Pierson – 64  (The chick in the B-52’s)
–Jack Klugman – 90  (Oscar on “The Odd Couple”.)



Allyssa Hall – 24 – Today’s birthday girl has been on her knees more than a person with no shins… 59 fine films, including:
“Sorority House of Coochie”
“Do Me Right Volume 1”
“Tinkle Time Volume 3”
“Cameltoe Workout Volume 2”
“Don’t Let Daddy Know Volume 7”
“Gloryhole Confessions”
“Screw My Girlfriend While I Watch”

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