Check out today’s DOUCHEBAG of the DAY!  It’s a local dude…actually even better its a local band lead singer.  The dude from Shattermask is in some trouble…and it’s not just some drunken fight.  Check out the details…he’s on the run and what a JOKE! WITH AN UPDATE!!!!!!!!

A local band is turning down shows because their lead singer is wanted for sex crimes. Brian Keith Dotson, lead singer of the band “Shattermask,” is charged in Jefferson County, Missouri with statutory rape of a person younger than 14. He’s also charged with four counts of statutory sodomy. The crimes allegedly happened last year, and he also goes by the name “Priest DeOlivera.” Dotson is still on the run and his picture is now on electronic billboards around the St. Louis area. A bandmate said he has no idea where Dotson is, but last he heard the singer was planning to turn himself in when he has money to pay a lawyer. Anyone with information regarding Dotson’s whereabouts should contact CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS.





Update:Per St. Louis Crimestoppers, Brian Dotson was arrested last night without incident. Adds Crimestoppers, “Thanks to all our callers. The response to this was great.” You don’t say… According to the probable cause statement obtained by RFT Music from the Jefferson County Prosecutor’s office, Brian Dotson was involved in a sexual relationship with the daughter of a family friend. The victim says he would sometimes stay at their house in Jefferson County and that, starting in May of 2011, any time he did they would engage in a variety of sex acts. She was thirteen when it started and is now fourteen.

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  1. azz says:

    Sad to see this guy is still trash. Girls, he’s passed Hepatitis B on to at least one of you, and probably worse than that to most of you.

    I always knew this guy’s web of BS and lies would come back on him, and now look at how many people are coming forward about him. Loooooooser.

  2. kk says:

    i have heard that this “tree” person knew where he was and told him to run.

  3. finney says:

    Okay so I have a question for you all, and I really hope that someone responds to me about this, he Brian was suppose to have been engaged to a girl that my be known as Shattergypsy, I wouldnt want to put her real name on here and get sued for it, she is someone that I know on a personal level, she is not a very good person either, she is telling people that she has been with him for over five years and that he is this great wonderful guy that treats her like a princess, she use to be a stripper, and I will fill yoo in more if we talk off this page, she is a person of interest I think because you cant tell me that you are with someone that long and know nothing about what is going on around you in the Shattercave. Please respond to me I would really appreciate it.

  4. Martyr des Fleurs says:

    You all are a bunch of silly people fighting like dogs about an opinionated ‘right & wrong’. Someone in here said that there are 3 sides to a story, hers, his, and truth. Well said. I see a bunch of ‘Yeah, well I know him personally.’ How well do you know a person who’s teeth rot with lies? Put simply, you don’t. Brian, IMO, is a faceless shroud of a human who has built his world around deceit. As far as I can say, he knows no truth in himself. In all honesty, I’ve met the guy once, and seen his band several times because they were listed with another local band that I hung out with and street teamed for. In that one encounter I was in the same small room with him, I could look into his eyes and see a soulless man. The only feeling I got from being around him was that he was a snake. Again, opinion/ personal feeling. As for what he’s done, by state law, it is a crime, by moral code of today, it is wrong. It only counts if convicted and found guilty. The courts will decide. I am not saying that the system doesn’t fail, because truth is, at times it does. As far as other victims, I see a lot of you asking why it wasn’t reported before… Let’s go through possible answers to your question… 1. They/some were reported, yet there was no proof 2. Its proven that victims of such crimes sometimes empathize with their attackers or have self blame, hence the crimes were never reported. 3. Little girls love rock stars and think that by banging one it makes them look cool to their friends. Again, who’s going to report banging a ‘rock star’ that gave that little girl glory to their friends? 4. Being a teen is tough, and little girls are stupid and easily manipulated, again, lets try to impress. 5. They tried to tell someone, but no one gave a fuck. 6. Brian is an immaculate manipulator, go pro or go home (sarcasm). I personally know a girl who was 15 at the time and Brian had sex with her. She thought she was so cool. I told her how stupid she was. Her parents gave ZERO fucks about her. As far as you people telling these little girls who were victims to ‘grow up’, I feel as though you are completely misguided in this comment. READ AND FOLLOW: TO ALL YOUNG GIRLS WHO ARE VICTIMS OF THE STATUS QUO OF WHATS COOL AND WHATS NOT… STOP READING THOSE GARBAGE MAGAZINES, STOP DRESSING LIKE YOU ARE 21 YR OLD WHORES, STOP TRYING TO IMPRESS YOUR ‘FRIENDS’ (THEY WON’T BE YOUR FRIENDS IN 10 YEARS WHEN YOU ARE GROWN UP) STOP TRYING TO IMPRESS THE OPPOSITE SEX (THERE’S PLENTY OF TIME IN THIS WORLD FOR FINDING LOVE) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, STOP TRYING TO GROW UP TOO FAST. (GOD KNOWS WHEN YOU ARE SHELLING OUT YOUR HARD EARNED CASH ON BILLS, YOU’LL BE WISHING YOU HAD YOUR BARBIES STILL.) GROW UP WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT. Take everything in stride, and make your mistakes a learning experience. As for you jackasses bickering back and forth like you know something about something, STFU, go scrape the meth off your teeth and do something better with your life… like making sure this shit isn’t happening to your children.

    • jme says:

      Nicely said, there are a lot of people who has fallen into his web. But if you really paid attention to him and the words that came out of his mouth, you would know within the first 7 minutes of the conversation that he’s a compulsive liar. And who in their right mind would want to marry someone like this? That doesn’t say much about you, well yeah I guess it does.. lmao

  5. Tina says:

    Reading what people who know nothing of the truth about this have to say is pissing me off. If people would research instead of go by just word of mouth, you all would know that a year ago when this happened, you would know that the admitted that she LIED and the report was fake. But because of how fucked state court systems are, after county DROPPED all charges cause she LIED, state them picked it up cause of fellony status. Some little bitches just want attention and will fuck over any body and their rep to get it. And we all know that being inocent dont matter if you have no money. the system aint about right and wrong, its all about $$$$$$$$$$$.

    • P says:

      Congratulations… you just referred to a child as a little bitch. Classic If what you say is true then it will all work out and the Prosecuting Att. will drop it and all will be cleared. What will remain is that this Brian will remain an asshole and they’ll probably still hold him for the child support which is the least of his crimes but just as if not more detrimental. He also can’t change the past which some of us do know the truth about. Whatever the outcome it will not change the fact that he is a dead beat predator.

    • Martha says:

      The case was not dropped. He goes in front of a judge in the morning to ask for a reduction of bond. If they let him out on bond, he will run again. One of the parents needs to be in a cell with him. There is NO WAY the mom didn’t know this was going on for that long. Then a Meth bust on top of this. This woman needs to rot in hell along with him.

  6. sammi says:

    So im really disapointed in all of this…I love brian but i havnt been in the situation of spreading my legs to someone everyone on the plant knows is a hoe bag.,….He knew what he was doing if he really did it but lets be realistic ppl, its statutory rape which this little hoe bag knew what she was doing and wanted it!, how many times had she did it before.yes what brian did was wrong immoral and i wont even disagree that he qualifys as the douchebag of the week but you have 3 sides to everystory…his side her side and the truth! Brian i have your back man…love ya do your time and come out swinging…….sammi

    • P says:

      So one of his few supporters speaks… and then proceeds to blame and name call the victim. That figures. Kinda speaks to the character of his supporters.

    • high says:

      O yes lets blame the 13 year old STFU DUMB ASS

    • enlightened says:


      • Tina says:

        you people cant fucking read. SHE LIED!!! SHE ADMITTED TO IT. COUNTY DROPPED ALL CHARGES, BUT STATE WILL ALWAYS PICK UP ANYTHING THAT IS A FELLONY NO MATTER WHAT. he ran cause everyone knows that if you dont have money for good lawers, it dont matter if you’re inocent. There where other people there. People that accually know him and everyone else involved. He’s the singer of a band who happens to be a man-whore. Of course some girl is going to make claims. You should be the dumb ass of the decade. I hope all of you get wrongfully acused of something that fucks your world over, or have to be victim of some srort of corrupt system. People are so ready to believe something if it means they get trash someone else, but cant understand true injustice until it happens to them. FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rachael says:

        You are truely just as disgusting as he is.

      • enlightened says:

        Can YOU read?!! it wasn’t just ONE girl!!!! And before you go running your dick sucker anymore, let me just tell you that YEA, I DO KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO HAVE SOMEONE ACCUSE YOU OF SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T DO!!!!! Someone very close to me had a similar situation happen…the only difference is HE WASN’T GUILTY!!!! and it wasn’t MULTIPLE GIRLS ACCUSING HIM!!! the accuser admitted she lied about the situation just to get herself out of trouble and she admitted as much…but not unitl AFTER this man was already convicted of assault!!!! he’s now dealing with the repercussions of her lies b/c funny thing…once you’re convicted of a crime the law doesn’t like to admit they’re wrong and exsponge things off your record…so yea, i DO know what it’s like!!! one more thing though…not too many innocent people RUN FROM THE LAW!!! as far as injustice goes…lol with everything going on in the world today and you consider what happened to this trailer trash, piece of shit, not even worth a dollar in food stamps, pedophile creep injustice?!! You’re HIGHLY dillusional!!!!

      • Rachael says:

        Tina, how do you know there were other people there? Were you one of them? If you know so much then why didn’t you stop it from happening? What if it was your daughter? He has a known history of screwing around with little girls as a few of them have come forward in this blog. I hardly doubt they are ALL lying. You are sick.

    • Oldassman says:

      how dtf r u?? lmao

  7. sarah says:

    i respect some of u dont like their music. i do. waste of talent. if ur given a gift and cant share it cause ur busy spreading evil, thats sad to me. waste of talent.

    • P says:

      The only Brian is talented at is deception and manipulation… but it’s not hard when you deal with children or people with a child like mind.

  8. Adam Stockman says:

    Thanks for using my meme hahaha. That dude is a fucktard!

  9. Haervey says:

    I always heard bad things about the dude, mixed things about the band overall, and always personally wondered how they had such a sh!tload of a following. Seen’em twice, one at the pageant once at Pop’s. I probably actually would’ve found it kind of cool back in the late 90’s when that style was gaining momentum but then yeah….the rap metal thing rotted and died real quick and they didn’t seem to get the memo. I guess it goes to show you that a decent stage show/showmanship can go a lot farther than substancen (they are by no means the only band in the area who wouldn’t have sh!t without a gimmick)….anyway it is sad as hell that he used it to abuse underage girls. What a f#ckin shame, I have a little girl and can’t imagine what I’d want to do to a guy like that if he ever got his claws in her.,…anyway every local musician I know is sickened by him and relieved about the news of the band’s apparent ending. I do feel bad for the other guys in the band if they really had no clue what was going on but i find that kind of hard to believe. I’ve been in/am in a band and everyone has some idea at least of each other’s personal lives. I also know if I bought an underage girl around someone would call me out on it pretty quick and we’re about ten years younger than those guys. Good riddance; if the other guys in the band aren’t guilty of anything then hopefully they get together a better project and rebuild their reputations.

  10. who cares says:

    Come on, this douchebags name is “Priest”. What a chode!

  11. Bre says:

    Brian is pure trash. I grew up around Mike. He was my dads best friend and he is the only one that is even a decent man in the entire band.

    What Brian has done is disgusting and unforgiveable, but should the other band members be brought down with him because of HIS mistakes??

  12. :-) says:

    Oh honey, what in the hell were you thinking if you didn’t know him very well why would you allow him to have unprotected sex with you. What was your age when you had your daughter. I also have a child with him she will be 5 this year and I admit that when I found out I didn’t say anything to him because I wanted nothing more to do with him. So after I had her she was 3 months old and I finally contacted him and told him and his exact words were, how do I know she is mine. Well you sorry peice of crap you are the only person at that time (black man at that) I was with. Unfortunately. So after that I guess it was a week later he contacted me and said he want me to meet him at this location so we could talk, soi did and when I got there all he could talk about was how good I looked and all kinds of bullshit about his band, not one time did he ask about his daughter or if he could see her. That’s the only reason I agreed to meet with him. I thought the right thing to do was atleast allow him the oppertunity to step up and be a father but I noticed right away that I had made a huge mistake. To this day he has never seen her, only a photo of her when she was a couple weeks old. I am not the type of person to bring people in and out of a childs life. Not fair to her. And after all of this I am thankful he neverwanted a damn thing to do with her! So for Ams please don’t bother with the child support your best bet is to just take care of her yourself like you have been and never speak of him to her or rely on the state to pay for him. It has been a rough time dooing it alone I would do it over the same way 100 times if I had to because she is better off without him. The other thing now that scares the hell out of me is wheat in the hell do I tell her when she is old enough to understand where her father is. Or who he is id rather not even say. Do I lie to her and take the chance of her hating me or tell her the truth. I guess when the time comes I will ask god to send me a sign and let me know what he thinks I should do. 😦 take care of that precious baby, she was given to you for a reason.

    • Ams says:

      Hey girl I am 26 when me and Brian got together I was 22 and 23 when I had my daughter he lied to me and said he was 29 then I found out he was 35 when I first found out I was prego he was happy and wanted me to have her but then slowly started distanting himself never went to any doc apts and never seen her he used to call me and say he was going to kidnap her and wanted me to meet up with him he tried to move in w me n proposed I was like uhh hell no changed my number and moved so he wouldn’t stalk me and I live in Franklin county I named my daughter Makayla she’adorable the girl that has a 5 yr old you should contact me so are kids can meet if not I understand

  13. Todd says:

    I heard he was picked up last night but a bunch of feds. They have been all over interrogating his family and few friends the little B*tch has. He was apparently crying when they raided the house of the poor girl he was sponging off of.

  14. Ams says:

    I didn’t know Brian that good when he knocked me up but I have a beautiful baby girl who is 3 he lied to me bout everything he told me he only had 2 kids which are boys he didn’t beat me but once I learned he was a psycho path and caught him in lies I said Dueces. I don’t have time for games or drama and I’m not a weak ass bitch so I left and he has like 6 gfs and yeah Jamie is the main girl who warned me I was already preg by him and he wanted me to keep her he’s a dead beat sperm donor and his mom should of raised him to be a man not a piece of shit like his real dad who is also a sperm donor and left his Mom when she was 16 officially ninjas in my eyes I want my child support dead beat

  15. P says:

    Are you fucking SERIOUS!!! I always knew he was weird but DAMN!!! http://fb.me/xdqbLJwx

  16. q says:

    did send you a mail

  17. Joe says:

    I heard that this dude knocked up his girlfriend when she was 13 and he was 17 if tjats true this dude is sick and needs help

  18. Tim says:

    i hope he rots in hell, fucking douchebag

  19. B says:

    Shitty band and a bad vibe from all of them. My old band used to play alot of shows with shattermask. Not on purpose, just how the bill worked out. They thought they were the Bee’s Nee’s. I am surprised that they are still together after 10 + years. A band that shitty usually gets pushed out the scene. I hope he gets his butthole demolished by a very large arian !!! What a bunch of clowns !!

  20. Joe says:

    Hey Brain. I just watched a few of your videos on youtube and you totally suck shit. You have no music talent what so ever…..fn hack. Hope you get your ass beat in jail bitch.

  21. q says:

    I talked with one of his girls.. she was crying on the phone and told me she just drove him to his other girl after spending “quality” time with her… what is sick is that all his girls had babies or kids…i told her that she needs to get rid of him.. and that she is so crazy for doing what he wants… (driving him to his next f*****) he is a sick man …and such a liar… he had excuses for everything.. he doesnt even look good.. yak . I feel sorry for the girls that allowed him to have control over him… I also know he was in prison caus of child support issues…

    • P says:

      I’d like to talk with all of the “girls” posting on here. Most are women now but I think that it paints a picture of an interesting yet sick story. I may or may not be Brian’s first victim/survivor. I was 12 when I met him and 13 when I got pregnant by him. Our child would have been nearly 21 now. I dealt w/ him from ’90 til ’96 or so. I was mentally manipulated by him for years. Even when I thought it was over, even after his mother called mine to say there was to be no more contact and to leave shit be he still managed to come around. Even after police involvement that led to both our arrests in ’91 or ’92 he didn’t let go. I can’t find records of that arrest and maybe it’s been expunged but what I’ve already said is quite revealing and will probably reveal my identity to those who actually know something about his past. I seen him at Pop’s by chance in 2000 or early 2001. He tried to kiss me and told me he could still f*** my brains out. He asked me to take him home. Home was off Page… back @ Momma’s. I didn’t although I told him I would. The last time I saw him was in ’06 I think. He was at a restaurant in St. John I bartended at w/ his mom some girl and one of his sisters. He saw me but we didn’t speak. There is so much more from the early Brian/Shadow/Priest days that could be said but like I said when I started posting… I would sincerely like to talk w/ some of you women w/ stories.

    • q says:

      well something must be wrong with your mail address ?

  22. enlightened says:


    • Ro says:

      Reports were made to the policed throughout the years, I personally know a few that actually did…county police informed them that unless one of the actual victims came forward and made the claims..there was nothing they could do, I stopped hanging around them as soon as I started to see how creepy he was, but had no idea he was this sick in the head…to rape a child.

    • Alan Overman says:

      What are you gonna do, go down to the local precinct & file report with no willing witness or evidence, just rumors?

      • enlightened says:


  23. :-) says:

    He wasn’t carrying a AK if ya know what I mean. Lmao. Maybe after trying so hard to satisfy real women and not being able to because of his little cricket he had to move onto little girls because hey, how would they know what a real man should look like.Ha ha HA ha Ha
    This dude is a joke. I don’t give a shit if this girl came into a room while you were sleeping, and she was naked and sat on your face, it doesn’t give you the right to stick your tongue out. SHE’S a LITTLE F%%CKING KID.

  24. bosco says:

    Okay I just want to say everyone saying this has been going on for yrs i agree u r just as guilty. Because as a person who has know the group for 12 yrs and is good friends w one member i have never seen this go on. I would not have been quiet. As for the person bringing up other peoples names on this blog really i will just say dont talk unless it happened to u. A std can come from anywhere prove ur friend got it from him just saying i think Brian is on his own. Hell he always acted alone before u can ask his bandmates he pulls all kind of stupid shit tis is just the lowest.

  25. Melissa says:

    Alright lil girls keep ur trash talk off the rest of the band im not hiding my name either so back off josh n the n the other members other than the GUILTY ones! Prove ur damn selves then if ya think ya so bad! N yes this yes this is slander!!!! Yall need to take ya own advice n grow up urselves!

    • erudite says:


      • matt says:

        Why is it that you wont answer me about the hotle room as i recalll you kept saying thats the one that wont reply ect i’m starting to think you talk out of your ASS mayne where are your getting your ? i went on this mans facebook and couldnt find out much then went on myspace and the frist thing i see is it say 25 years old llord only knows how long that has been on two of this ladies had said he had lied about his age its right infrontt of everyone that he lied on myspace so that being said im thinking this ladies are telling the truth and that your a CAUVINISTIC PIG and CAVE MAN!

      • erudite says:

        i find it hilarious that you think i am a chauvinist pig and a caveman. you are so obviously not a man. seriously people, when was the last time a person named “Matt” called another dude a “chauvinistic pig” or a “caveman?” (“chauvinistic” ha. idiot.) as i stated in a reply below, i wasn’t the one who brought up the “hotel room,” that was Melissa. she stated “Miss kaycee im almost 30 myself with 2 kids of my own yay but r u gon teach them wen there teens that its ok to get pissed off at a the band member for not sleeping with em then try to lear him to a hotel n set em up for the SAME CASE? ???” I’m sure she would be more than happy to enlighten us on this situation.

    • susan says:

      im not hiding my name as well, i cant say i have seen with my own eyes about josh having sex with BABIES but he did TRY to get me to have sex with him and i was young a grown a** man should not be thinking like that, i did frilrt with his and made sure i had on a low cut shirt i was young i didnt think anything of it i just thought this cute guy thats in a band thought i was cute it made my day and he also would lie about!! ITs a fact itg happend to me!!!

      • erudite says:

        you seem to still be functioning at an 8th grade level so try do understand: “trying” and “doing” are completely different. you still never answered the question of why you were allowed to hang out with men your father’s age, let alone wear “low-cut” shirts around them. considering you were 14 when this “happened.” it was probably just a figment of your adolescent imagination.

      • matt says:

        I’m lost for words please tell me that your not one of those people that think if a girl wears a low cut shirt ,dress or ect thats she’s asking to get raped or that its okay for some older man that knows he shouldn’t be even thinking dirty thoughts about someone that young
        We dont know if anyf these ladies are telling the thruth the only people that do know are these ladies and this man, but lets say they are telling the truth you are making it out to be because she was flirting with this man and had a low cut shirt on he has every right to think drity things about her or act on them
        is it also okay to lie about how old a man is so they can sleep with them
        How would you feel if this was daughter mayen!
        oh ya and i would like to know where anyone of thses ladies said anything about a hotle room

      • erudite says:

        No, matt, i am NOT saying that just because a girl wears a low cut shirt it is okay for someone to think dirty things about them. I’m saying 1) women dress slutty to get attention from men and then get pissed when the men DO look. 2) susan even said specifically that she dressed like that to get attention from him. 3) my main point is what the hell are these parents thinking a) letting their 14 year old daughters hang around men old enough to be their fathers and b) dressing like sluts around “men they don’t trust”? This girl is probably pissed because none if them wanted to have anything to do with her. She needs to grow up.

      • matt says:

        well i have two teenagers one is 16 and the other is 18 both girls have you seen what these teens have been waering in the past few years, she had said it was low cut not that you could see her breast or that you could see her ass or worst then that!! my girls they have friends that waer things that i would never alway my girls to wear. I’ m not sure why her mother would let her go but i can say that at less her mother went with her so she could keep an eye on her so she wouldnt have been around this mayne alone at the shows she went to that did all of these bad things and when reading all the comments on here not alot of peaple trusted anyone in this band and all thses people say its been going on for years so when you hear of things like this and you dont know what to blv im guessing that this mother did something right and went with her!! I’ m still not sure how the hotle came about i didn’t see her say anything about that also you never answered about how would you be reacting if this was your daughter?

      • erudite says:

        I would not let my children hang around people who are old enough to be their parents. And yeah, teenage girls wear slutty clothes. but if they’re uner 16….who bought them the clothes? yeah. That’s right. Their no- brain parents.

    • Kaycee says:

      Ms. Melissa I have grown up (getting closer to 30:-()and I am very proud of myself and who I’ve become thank you. I am a registered nurse who has 3 children all by the same man! My own house and I’m a huge part of my community, like I said before I was young and stupid approx. 7 years ago, and while driving down the Hwy I couldn’t help but see this HUGE ass picture of my past on a billboard and my stomach instantly started turning. So for me to make a couple TRUE statements is a way of letting people know that this isn’t something new that this has been going on for a lOnG time. Sorry if I have offended you in anyway. Have a nice evening, I have nothing more to say about this low life.

      • Melissa says:

        Miss kaycee im almost 30 myself with 2 kids of my own yay but r u gon teach them wen there teens that its ok to get pissed off at a the band member for not sleeping with em then try to lear him to a hotel n set em up for the SAME CASE? ??? Ha ya u u have really good room to talk!! Go judge urself or a real guilty person n leave innocent ppl alone!!!! Peace!!!!

      • Curious says:

        Nicely said Kaycee 🙂

      • Kaycee says:

        I’m confused or I missed something about what I had said to you. For one I wasn’t a teen or a little girl when I was with this douchebag I was 20/21. And I don’t know where your getting this information about a hotel room and getting mad about him not having sex with me. Wasn’t the case in my situation I think you have me mistaken with someone else sorry. My children may make mistakes throughout their lives, that’s life and hopefully they will be smart about the situation like I was. I wasn’t a groupie or someone who chased the band around like the other girls he was with at the same time as me. I didn’t give 2 shits about there so called band.

    • erudite says:

      yeah, i think you’re talking about this susan chick who doesn’t want to answer my questions…

  26. H says:

    HEY BRIAN, TURN YOUR LITTLE PU$$Y A$$ IN!!!!!! What are you scared of, being raped and beat just like the poor innocent women and girls you raped and beat? Why are you running, aren’t you man enough to face punishment, punishment you deserve. Be a man and accept that you know you are sick and need to be put away. Accept your mistakes and own up to them. Only cowards run, but then again you proved you were a coward all along by preying on innocent, sweet yound women and girls. I says you’ll turn yourself in when you get enough money for a lawyer…. you never even have enough money for an extra value meal much less a lawyer. Only those who are scared, weak and cowardly run and can not admit when they have done wrong, especially for when they are not sorry. People like that are the most pathetic excuses of a person and the thorn in society. You can run and hide all you want, but you know you’ll be caught. The only hope you have for not being caught is that you take your own pitiful life…..

  27. high says:

    He looks like a raisin on heroin

  28. B says:

    I would LOVE to get my hands on this MOTHER F****R before the law does….. so he can get payback for all the emotional, physical, mental, and financial distress he put upon a family member of mine. The law ain’t nothing compared to what I would do to him in just a few minutes. After he started coming around my parents house, he was QUICKLY told to never show up around there ever again or else…. well the stupid f*ckhead did and he had a 30.06 pointed straight at his filthy D**K! He said it was the biggest mistake I ever made and threatened me, told me to put the gun down and see what happens and then started coming at me….. I should have pulled the trigger right there, i had every right to…. well anyway, i put the gun down and confronted him and he didn’t do shit….. why? because I wasn’t a young little girl that would cave to him. I know he did his fair share of ass beatings, but I don’t know how, he was a little B***H! The only reason I didn’t beat him unconcious right there was becasue I was afraid of retaliation to my family member… he had her so brain washed I was afraid I would never see her again. The situation tore my family apart for years, and that HE WILL PAY FOR!!!

  29. Gabriel Logan says:

    He’s been doing shit like that for years. I know a girl, “very personally” that he raped 20yrs. ago. He was 18 & she was 13. His other alias when he went to Mehlville Sr, was shadow.

  30. enlightened says:

    I’m reading about how all of you have know for years what a creep this guy was and about how he and others in the band had sex or at the very least hit on some of you when you were minors…my question now would be–if you knew and had it happen to you yet you DID NOTHING ABOUT IT then do you now feel any guilt about the countless other victims that could have been spared if you had just SAID SOMETHING–ANYTHING to ANYONE!!!!! Not coming forward with the knowledge you had makes you just as liable…just saying…

  31. L says:

    Anyone who has spent any amount of timw with the band wouldn’t he standing up for anyone but Mike. Perry has two children with an old friend of mine that was 16 when they started sleeping together. Josh lived with his girlfriend and slept with women in their home all of the time. Those boys passed their broads around like toys. I had a close friend stuck in brians web for YEARS. He kicked in the back of her car, drug her around the shatterhouse by her hair for running to the gas station without asking, wouldn’t let her go home to her family. They each had a group of broads that had better cater to them or else you were ousted. So everyone saying they know the guys oh so well and they’re not to blame, I guarantee there’s more to the story than you could imagine. You just haven’t been around long enough it you havent been far enough into their little group to see it. It’s about time he gets what’s coming to him. The way he beat and scarred some of these girls is sick. Making the skinny ones get abortions and letting the secret broads have his babies. Claiming his culture as an excuse for sleeping with 15 year old girls. I could go on and on! More people will come forward. That I can guarantee

    • s says:

      ummm this is perry’s baby mamma that you are talking about and i wasnt 16 i was 17 and he was 23 when we got together just so you know….

      • erudite says:

        Hm, guess this “L” person wasn’t that good of friend of “s”.

      • L says:

        S? You mean C right? The girl that squatted in her moms old house on ann street? Where there were pot plants growing in the attic? And a friend of ours hung out hugely pregnant with a guy named burt? And one of our friends had their tires slashed? And the same C that went to Springfield with us all to see them perform? And I don’t know you, eh? Hmm. Seems to me you were 16 when I met you. Or just turned 17. And had been sleeping with Perry a while. Along with a couple other girls. One I do believe that also had one of his children. So I wouldn’t say you were his baby mama. Id say ONE OF

      • erudite says:

        Okay L, why don’t you reply back when you have something intelligible to say instead of a nonsensical rant in which you are trying to get yet another innocent, non-statutory rapist in trouble.

      • crista says:

        I lived in my moms house and giving about 5 other ppl a place to live too other then on the streets… and it just happens that you putting the street that i live on something like this is not right… i didnt grow anything in my house… yes there was a girl here that was pregnant yes i went to springfield to see them…. yes someones tires did get slashed but i dont even rember who it is now…. and i was 17 i turned 17 that feb and didnt start hang out with them until a few months after i turned 17 no i was hang out for about 3 months before i slept with perry … yes he has another baby mamma and i have 2 of his kids… i dont see why you are putting me on the spot here… I JUST WANTED PPL TO LEAVE MY KIDS OUT OF THIS…. ppl are saying that my kids shouldn’t be alive ok thats wrong and so hateful to say that bout kids… and yes my real name is crista and my nickmane is sony….

      • matt says:

        Your right “im a slut that no one would sleep with” GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!! the fact that i called you a chauvinistic pig and a caveman means im not a man come on now didnt know one nam couldnt call another man that come walk a mile in my childhood and tell me that you wouldnt call another man that!! you must have had a poor ass mother growing up seems to me you have alolt of issuess with with young ladies or maybe your a creep something went wrong with your life to make you the CAVEMAN you are today!! im done wwith your no good sorry ass your a fool I pray to god that you dont have any kids for the fact that if they come to you and tell you that this older man was hitting on them you would be like well you whore if you would have been wearing that under armer that i bought then we wouldnt have this happening and if you do have kids i pray that nothing bad ever happenes to them! May god bless you and help you out with all your issuess MAYNE by the way my ol lady has some holy water if you wanna give me your adress ill send it your way MAYNE

      • erudite says:

        “Matt” your reaction to logical arguments is interesting. you must have a seventh grade, maybe eighth grade education. (sorry, I mean “MAYNE”) i like how i obliterate your argument and your only retort is to try to attack me. it’s actually…pretty hilarious. i’ve said this before but i’ll repeat myself because you seem to have a hard time catching on: i would not let my children hang around men who are old enough to be their father. maybe (MAYNE) you don’t understand what i mean by that because your probably unsure how to be a good mother…oops, i mean “father” to the children you claim to have. getting back to the issue at hand, you know, the sad silly girl who is claiming that someone in the band wanted to have sex with her…remember? so this girl LIKED the guy, right? flirted with him and “made sure to wear a low cut shirt around him”and such? if he was such a sick fuck child predator that you THINK he is, wouldn’t he have went ahead and had sex with her? think about it. then she would be on here saying that she DID have sex with him instead of saying he WANTED to have sex with her. which is pretty unbelievable anyway if you knew/saw this chick. yikes. not trying to be a dick but….no way. see, you have to actually read EVERYTHING that someone says, not just pick part of their post that you don’t like and go off on it. lastly, if you’re going to pray for anything, pray for a new brain. you need it. severely.

    • erudite says:

      also, the skinny ONE had an abortion on her own free will, she was probably afraid the baby wouldn’t be brown because she was sleeping with the other guys in the band, her ex, strangers….

      • Mack says:

        Erutide, you seem to know QUITE ALOT. You’re either a band member, or one of their best friends. You are very defensive of this band and Brian, so you’re one of the two.

    • erudite says:

      I am neither. I don’t give a shit about brian, but what he did has nothing to do with the other band members. They are not the ones with charges against them. The people talking shit on them are sad little people trying to get them in trouble with shit they WISHED had happened but didn’t.

      • Mack says:

        I will give you that. I don’t know the band, but a friend of mine is good friends with the drummer; and I know he would not keep bad company as friends. But he did say that Brian confessed to the drummer. So he IS guilty as hell.

      • matt says:

        seems to me this drummer is just as fucked up as brian was!!! He lied to this ladies about how old he was and thats a fact i found that one his on web page =] =] =]=] HA , so he most liklly wanted to fuck these ladies that where uinder age and then his friend had told him about how he likes to fuck 13 year olds and he never turnd the dude in wounder why I KNOW I KNOW ……………………………… HE also liked sleeping with 13 year olds
        Mack im starting to think your right about this dude being in the band he had made a comment on here that no one had even put spomething about a hotle room and this chick never said anything about a hotle room and he wont answer me about where he got his facts about the hotle room

      • Rachael says:

        HOTEL!!!! L2Spell dude. Mayne isn’t a word either.

      • erudite says:

        yeah “Matt,” and I’m starting to think that you’re not actually a dude, but some dumb skank that no one in the band wanted to have anything to do with. just so you know, i wasn’t the one who brought up the hotel room situation. I know it must be hard to follow along here while crying over no one wanting to hook up with you but please do try harder, especially for this next part because it is VERY logical and only a person with a brain will understand what i am about to say. 1) regardless of what his myspace page says about his age, (which, by the way, myspace? really?) as long as he told people (aka, stupid little girls who shouldn’t even be hanging around grown men, let alone trying to get them to have sex with them) that he is over 18, that should be sufficient information as far as the law for age of consent, which brings me to my next point 2) NO ONE has claimed that they had sex with him while being underage. there is ONE girl on here who is saying he DIDN’T have sex with her. if he HAD, why would she be so mad now? also, had it been an issue, a big enough issue to seek criminal charges, it would have happened a long time ago. so i suggest you get your facts straight before you start accusing innocent people of shit THAT NEVER HAPPENED NO MATTER HOW MUCH THIS SILLY GIRL WANTED IT TO. lastly, i am not in the band. you don’t have to believe me because i don’t give a fuck, especially about who you think i am.

  32. Rachael says:

    To the peeps who are standing by his side through all this…you all are morons. An innocent man wouldn’t run from a crime he is being accused of. Priest is a sick bastard who will get his.

  33. t says:

    I’ve said for the past 8 years that he was scum. He and two of his bandmates used to buy drugs from my ex-neighbor…until he got busted. They always had young girls with them. I complained to Jeff county but they always said we needed to give them proof.

  34. Alan Overman says:

    My comment earlier was directed at The Point, not people who really know Priest, Brian, whatever on a personal level. I have been in your shoes before with an ex “friend” that I had heard things about then later proved to be true when I witnessed them first hand. I’m just saying that the media should never label somebody who has not been tried & convicted of a crime as a “douchebag”. You are labeling somebody guilty before they are given a chance to prove their innocence.

    if you are reading this, please turn yourself in, it makes things much worse when you run.

    • kaycee says:

      Yeah, like you know that your guilty before your even proven to be, like the man above says! He could turn himself in, wait like a man be bonded out if they allow it and then look for a lawyer. You were man enough to sleep with little girls, now be the man.
      It is a little harsh of them to call him out like that I will admit but, the truth sometimes hurts.:-)

  35. jay says:

    this motherf**ker f**ked my sis.. i wanted to kill him then he run like a bitch…i hope he gets his ass f**ked like a doggy lock in a cage. peace

  36. Tear says:

    I’ve heard so many rumors about this guy for so many years. I have to say, this doesn’t come as a shock to me. We used to call the groupies “Shatter-sluts”. And most weren’t of age. Hell, I’ve heard the guy had aids too. For the victims sake, I hope that isn’t true. Now if they could just build a case against Josh…..

    • kaycee says:

      Well well. Someone read my mind.I was of age. But still 20 to 34 kinda gross. I donate blood regularly and they test it for all sorts of things and as of 4 months ago I am clean but it has been 7+ years so I’m sure many. Things have happened since then. So please if anyone has recently been involved with this sick man, get to the Dr., Saint Louis is number one for STDs.

      • kaycee says:

        See, Susan need I say more about him! I think she cleared it all up for you. Dear god please help these young ladies who thrive much needed attention, what these grown men are doing to them is wrong. Or should I say has done to them.

      • erudite says:

        this math doesn’t add up. if it was 7 years ago he would be 41 now.

    • Curious says:

      Build a case against Josh? If you don’t mind me asking, what has he done that you know of? I’m only curious.becaise I have a friend.that has known him for a long time.

      • susan says:

        when i was young i was dumb and thought josh was fine he told me he was in his mid 20s i was in 8th grade and we texted all the time he wanted to have sex with my i flirted with him all the time thank god i was a baby when it came to sex cuz my friend had slept with him and she got the hreps! hes just like his lil friend even tho they didnt get along!!!

      • kaycee says:

        I’m just saying, I have no proof of him doing anything other than lying about how old he was and like the other girl stated in her comment, and hitting on somone of that age group. So if it happened to me and her, how many others has it happened to and if they allowed it to go further than just that! How many did they actually take advantage of. Just saying. It is disgusting if you ask me.

      • Curious says:

        Well thank you for clearing that up, as much as Id like to find out about him for my friends sake, a little info is better than none. He gave her herpes you said? That’s f’n sick, and sad for your friend. I never got to know any of them on a personal level, but what I did know, wasn’t too nice, it was always about them using someone, or being ignorant.

      • Curious says:

        And Kaycee, I agree completely!! I think the “stardom” got to their heads a little bit…and not the right ones at that.

      • R says:

        Susan…I know for for fact that Josh doesn’t have herpes cuz I don’t have herpes and I have been tested as it is required during early pregnancy. Maybe you and your friend are just whores and Josh seems like the perfect scapegoat cuz he gets around. Just sayin

      • R says:

        And Kaycee…Josh never lied to me about his age and I would love to see your “proof” Unless you have it in writing with a signature you don’t have shit. This article is about Priest, not the other band members by the way, in case you can’t read.

    • kaycee says:

      Yes. I can’t take back the stupid, unwise decisions I have made in my past but I tell you this it didn’t take me long to catch on to what he was doing and who he really was and unlike the girlfriend who fought so hard for nothing I quickly got myself as far away as I could so I couldn’t be found. You live and you learn and it goes to show that you may not know people as well as you think you do and NEVER trust ANYONE. Little girls who have grown up without a father figure in their lives are a serious target for grown twisted men. God doesn’t like evil nor nasty.

    • erudite says:

      hi. ever heard of slander?

      • kaycee says:

        Erudite- who were you directing your last comment at? Because from what I can see and know. I am only making true statements about the people I have spoken of.

      • erudite says:

        that comment was directed at anyone who said something accusatory about anyone that wasn’t brian. no one else from the band is wanted by the law so to sit there, hiding behind your aliases, trying to get your revenge is…kind of against the law. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/anonymous-commenters-slammed-13-million-slander-ruling-article-1.1066731?localLinksEnabled=false

      • kaycee says:

        I’m not hiding behind anything my name is Kaycee. Like it states when I make a comment. I’m not afraid of Brain or speaking my mind about him. For his friend Josh, this is an open conversation for for people to speak freely. No last names were mentioned other than the accused on who is the main topic of this blog. so have a nice day and take your legal advice elsewhere.

      • erudite says:

        when you’re talking about Brian from shattermask, it’s not hard to figure out who else is being talked about.

      • Curious says:

        As for slander, this is what happens when people associate themselves with people like Brian. As for it actually being slander, I know you guys aren’t directing it at me, or at least you shouldnt be, I was simply asking about it since they were brought up In the convo. And by the way, this is a public forum and people are going to speak their opinions. We don’t all have to agree. I only personally know one of the bandmates, and the times we have all hung out and went to dinner, movies, etc. were great, even my husband liked hanging with all of us, but of course when i hear something about him, I am curious, especially because one of my good friends is/has been involved with him for a very long time. Now that, is not slander. That’s conversation.

      • R says:

        Kaycee, you don’t need to mention last names because the band name is written in the article and it can easily be found. You may want to consider watching your mouth before you see yourself on the Douchebag of the Day lol

      • erudite says:

        haha “R”, i think they already are Douchebad of the Day! hilarious.

      • Dude says:

        Erudite, did you even read your own posted article, first they were proven innocent and just their freedoms were being affected after the acquittal therefore the grounds for the case, however it clearly states in the article that you posted that the award will probably be reduced and if the defendants have half a mind the will appeal the decision and that would probably end differently with a different judge presiding. Then there is this, also from your article,”But legal experts say that the verdict is unlikely to hold up — or truly change — the world of online anonymous commentary. . . . . While many anonymous commenters may be harsh and hateful, and even spread false truths, the value of anonymous commenting helps people advance “actual opinions” or “factual allegations in a critical way” against someone.”
        Here is a tip read beyond the title of an article before posting said article. Now commence defending a potential rapist.

      • R says:

        Maybe you should read ALL of the comments before assuming his rant was about defending the accused, which he wasn’t. He was commenting on the fact that other commentors have started bashing on the other band members.

    • Tear says:

      Did I really just get accused of slander? I was just sayin, he’s a scumbag too. Just a lucky scumbag who hasn’t gotten caught. So take your slander comment and shove it up your ass. And does anybody else find it funny that this Brian guy was a kiddie toucher and wanted to go by the name Priest?

      • erudite says:

        yes, i did just accuse you of slander. and no, “curious” it wasn’t directed at you. but people claiming that someone had sexual relations with a minor is a very serious accusation and whether it happened or not, the case is against Brian alone. also, if it really did happen and the people didn’t come forward with it, well, what can you do?

      • kaycee says:

        I’m not sure of exactly how old he was but shortly after I found of he had lied and was much old than his mid 20s it was more around his early 30s. But I don’t even care I’m done with all of this and him have been for a very long time! I feel sorry for all the girls and people he has hurt along the way. Have a wonderful time with this website because I have said what I needed to, and I must leave it at that.

    • erudite says:

      yes “dude” (clever, by the way) i DID read the article. the point i was making was that it’s a shitstorm if you get it too deep with false (or unproven) accusations. duh.

  37. matt says:

    Each and everyone of you can judge and point fingers at this dude and no hes not right for what has been done but what about the parents who knew that dude was messing with their daughter wtf

  38. kaycee says:

    I myself was many years younger when I met this mess of what I thought was a caring individual. But was sadly mistaken when he turned into this mean, controling, sick person. I got out before he could place his hands on me but when he was playing his head games with me. He was dating a very beautiful girl whom he lived with at the time. He knows how to brain wash you, when your young like I was you don’t think about age or how wrong it is for someone of his age (which he lied about) to be interested in you. He feeds you all kinds of bull crap and you know its crap but you can’t seem to get away because he always seems to find you. So I’m not shocked by the news and what is going on because he has been this way for many years. And yes some of the people or should I say one person, no names mentioned had to of known about what was going on. He isn’t so innocent himself. You know who you are. I feel sorry for his mother and sisters because they are good people, just have a son/brother with sick mental issues who needs to pay for his mistakes. The ones he got caught doing and for the girls who are terrified to come forward please don’t be, what he has done to you is wrong and sick he is almost 40 for crying out loud. So in my mind he isn’t innocent until proven guilty, I know he is already guilty.

  39. JC says:

    This act… complete douchebaggary. Bragging about how you have known all these years… also very douchey. Um, are you really all that proud?

  40. susan says:

    Most o f you make me sick thses other guys in this band is about as sick as he is even the few in the band that didnt have sex with 13 year olds should have done something about they seen it happening thats just like if a mother knows her child is geting raped and dos nothing about it, its almost just as bad as! i went to alot of shows when i was younger and i was geting hit on by a fews of them i was in 8th grade they all are my fathers age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they would lie about how old they where the drummer told me he was 24 and would hit on me thats nasty and wrong you shouldnt even be hiting on someone that young! this has been going on for years now!! point is u dont have sex with babies!!!!

    • erudite says:

      well….why was your father letting you hang around men that were his age when you were 14?

      • susan says:

        For one you don’t know me at all sir, my dad was not I’m my life untill here these past few years and may I add that my mother went to the shows wit me cuz she didn’t trust that sob that’s geting ready to go to jail!!! The past is the past everyone is young and dos silly things I’m done wit this this poor ladies know what had happen to them by this lead singer and so dos he and god!!! God will take care of it and to every other man that puts his hands or dick in or on someone they shouldn’t!!

    • erudite says:

      ha, your dad wasn’t in your life…that kind of clears things up. what you have to say has no validity whatsoever. dumbass.

      • Mack says:

        What does her father not being in her life have anything to do with these pedo’s? our judgments are pretty off, don’t you think? I guess not. You probably think if a girl dresses provocative, they are just asking for it.
        Erudite, anything else you say has no credibility with me. Whatsoever. F**ktard!

      • erudite says:

        I never said if a girl dresses like a slut that she is “asking for it.” My point was that parent involved here must have a screw loose for reasons i’ve already stated. “Our” judgement is a little off? Maybe yours is, mine is pretty logical. Maybe that’s why you don’t get it.

  41. H says:

    IT”S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!! I can’t believe it has taken this long to get Brian’s little b!tch a$$ in jail. It won’t be long until he’s caught… he has a big mouth and A SH!T ton of enemies. Funny part is, a few of his victim’s are now cops…. it would be AMAZING if one of them were to be the one to catch him. ANd talking about cops, I went to the authorities 3 times years back about these things with him and as usual, they said there was nothing they could do without proof or a victim. Well it was hard for victim’s to approach when he threatened to kill them if they ever ratted him out. And when he would be arrested on other misdemeanor offenses, he MADE his sex victim’s bail him out, and he threatened them that he would do the most putrid, sickening, violent acts to them if they told any what he did to them. He always thought he was all high and mighty, considered himself to be top among bands like Slipknot, Metallica, and Tech N9ne… HAHAHAHA!!!!! HOW WHEN YOUR MUSIC WAS SO ABSOLUTELY HORRIBEL???!!! And the other thing to everyone out there, yes the band members are pieces of shit too. They knew what he was doing and what he was capable of. But instead of doing anything about it, they just sat back and lived their lives being friends and attempting to make music with this abortion gone wrong of a human being.

  42. claymation says:

    In festus mo,early 2000’s, a 14 yo girl was missing for a few mounths, and was with thr entire band the whole time.they all had parts in keeping secrets!!!!he use the local fame and music to attract young girls.he is sick

  43. Justin Poole says:

    He should of been arrested years ago for helping to make such awful music.

  44. sony says:

    Wow I dont think what he did was right but the other guys in the band didnt do anything think about what this is doing to there familys to I have kids with one of the other guys in the band and ppl are sending me hafeful emails about me and my kids. How do u think this makes us feel. What he did doesnt have anything to do with the rest of the band

    • P says:

      That is not right. Just because he was a band member doesn’t mean the rest of them are guilty. I feel for them.

      • bosco says:

        i agree i know the band have for yrs brian i didnt think was this low however im not suprised but as for the family im sorry bc everyone is in control of themselves im sorry for the things being said to u ive been questioned by my friends. i also think that as far as names being brought up people should worry about the case at hand instead of accusing others.

    • uniquemommy1984 says:

      Here’s the problem. He’s been doing this for a long time and apparently longer then around the time I first heard about it. Someone in the band had to know. People that hung out with the band had to know. Someone knew what was going on but did nothing. That is why people are angry with the other band members. I’m not saying that everyone is that band is worthless but it sure as hell doesn’t look good on them when it took this long for a arrest warrant to be made. When all it could have taken was someone that knew what was going on to say something. That is why people are mad. It’s because no one gave enough shit about the girls he was messing around with to make a simple phone call. Do I think you should be getting hate messages, no that isn’t right but I hope you understand where I am coming from.

    • Melissa says:

      Sony i totally agree with u! One of em the bestest friend i culd ever ask for and more. Its not fair to none of the other members or the familIies to suffer bc of one. Shattermask is better than that n so r there families. I kno its tough n not right but girl dont let thz ppl get to u. Be strong n hang n there n stand up for ur family n in ur heart wats right for Shattermask!!!!! 🙂

    • L says:

      Sony, how old were you when you had his first kid? You and I were close once. You know exactly what was going down. As did I. I called the cops a few times on Brian. And they even came when he lived in lakewood. But you know as well as i do, broads know better than to tell the cops anything. You were a beautiful young lady. You have beautiful kids. Keep your nose out of this, but don’t claim innocence. That’d make you a liar

      • sony says:

        im not claiming that im innocence but i never had anything to prove it so what was i to do… i was 19 when i had my first kid… yeah we all heard shit before but here was no way to prove anything… but that gives nobody the right to go and take it out on me and my kids…. just bc there dad is in the band….

      • j says:

        Sony this is a question for you- what I’m getting from the messages between you and melissa is that you have a child by Brian and that you are now with another member of the band. Right? I’m confused. Or you have numerous children with Brian.

      • erudite says:

        sony has no children with Brian and was never with him. maybe her “L” friend was…haha. “maybe”

      • L says:

        One of his broads was 15 when they started sleeping together. Jess I wanna say? Adorable blonde ring a bell? Either way, youbsaw him beat the crap out of Jamie. You were one of her best friends. How is that not proof?

  45. Alan Overman says:

    I don’t know the guy real well, but he is currently “wanted” not proven guilty. At least give him the right as a fellow American to prove himself in a court of law before condemning him.

    • P says:

      He will get his day in court. If he can prove his innocence then so be it. There are some of us who know the truth about him… those of us who have experienced it. That will never change regardless of what the court finds.

    • B says:

      Most of us can condemn all we want. These charges against him are just the tip of the iceberg. If we could prove EVERYTHING he has done, he’d be in jail FOR LIFE, trust me on that!

  46. amber says:

    about damn time! i have been hearing about this guy liking young girls for a long time!

  47. B says:

    This little B!&@# has ALAWAYS been a douche and ALWAYS BEEN A PEDOFILE. He has numerous children all with different women and then won’t man up to be a father, not that he would ever be much of one even if tried. He has always physically and mentally abused young women. He is extremely violent, especially to women. He makes them give him rides to shows, buy him food, pay his bills, get free hotel rooms and if they don’t, threatens them and or abuses them. I’m actually surprised he already isn’t in jail. Someone very close to me was a victim to him and I’ve seen his work first hand…. He’s a piece of S@%T who deserves nothing but EXTREME A$$ beatings and will get what he deserves. Sad part is, he won’t learn from these mistakes and will just do it again.

    • P says:

      I don’t know who you are but I’m sure what you say is true. I have known this man since mid year 1990. There is nothing good I can say about him and many bad things that I’d rather not talk about. All I can say is that this pedophile abusiveness goes back 20 years or more.

  48. uniquemommy1984 says:

    About damn time they threw his ugly ass in jail. What took them so damn long? I’ve heard he’s been doing this from almost 8-9 years ago but I didn’t have any proof. Just hearsay from individuals you weren’t sure whether you should believe or not.

  49. B says:

    Hopefully this sick twisted F*%@ gets more than just a few years. He’s always been MORE than a douche and am actually surprised he isn’t wanted for more. He has ALWAYS taken advantage of vulnerable young women to pay for his hotel rooms and free riddes and food for when he goes out of town….. not to mention the extreme physical abuse he has done to women. Someone very close to me had a few dents kicked into her car and her apartment tore up from this C*%@ SUCKER and when some of us approached him on it, he said, “better than doing it to her face” as he grinned. He has whats coming to him and is lucky someone hasn’t put his little B!&#@ A$$ 6 feet under yet!

  50. P says:

    I feel for his bandmates. Brian has always been a predator… I know from experience. It’s about time this caught up with him. I wonder if they’ll look at his other arrests within Jeff Co.

  51. Maire says:

    Karma is a b@#!%$

  52. Nobody Special says:

    We always said he wants one of everything.

  53. Tiny says:

    He deserves this title after what he’s done, tho I don’t agree with your choice of picture…not all people that see this will know who the guilty party is…it puts negative attention on the band as a whole instead of just the douche…I use to hang with them a lot and it sickens me what Priest done…I hope he gets what he deserves and hope the other guys can move on and keep on rocking

    • uniquemommy1984 says:

      I doubt it they are probably hiding his ass. What’s even more sad is people who hung out with the band probably knew what was going on this whole time and no one called until recently. You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

    • Tiny says:

      I knew nothing of what was going on and I’ve known him since 97/98…I sickened by this…I have no reason to be ashamed cause I had no part in it….the other band members are good people

  54. Stephen says:

    I’ve known these guys since the beginning of there so called career, and Brian aka Priest was a always a douche bag that liked little girls.

  55. Jason says:

    This guy was a douchebag way before this

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