In today’s SPORTS REPORT w/ PATRICO we talk the Blues, the Cardinals, and how the Bulls are already struggling in the NBA playoffs.  Plus, check this out – we talk about one of the biggest a-hole players in the MLB.
This weekend kicked off round 2 playoff action in the NHL.  The Blues fell to the Kings in game 1 at the Scottrade.  After putting in an empty netter as the 3rd came to a close, the Kings won 3-1 and now are up 1 game to none in the series.  Game 2 is tonight in St. Louis, puck drops at 8:00PM tonight. Other weekend NHL actions the Coyotes are up 2 games to none against the Predators and both the Flyers and Rangers lead their series.  Game two between New York and Washington is tonight at 6:30PM.

The Cards took games one and two against the Brewers this weekend but dropped the final game of the series yesterday 3-2.  The team is off tonight but welcomes the Pirates to Busch starting tomorrow.  Adam Wainwright looks to get his first win of the year as the two teams meet at 7:15PM tomorrow.

Talk about a huge THAT SUCKS sports story.  The Chicago Bulls had a great regular season and were the best in the East in the NBA.  Their best player – and last years MVP Derrick Rose, was a big part of that.   Well, in the 4th quarter of their first playoff game against the 76ers…Rose landed awkwardly and tore his ACL.  He’s now out for the rest of the playoffs..of the US Olympic team, and may not be ready for the start of next season.  Oofah!

Delmon Young is an ahole.  The Tigers outfielder was in New York for a series with the Yankees and got into HUGE trouble.  He was hammered outside of his hotel room just before 3AM and say a bum talking to 4 dudes.  The bum was wearing one of those caps that the Jewish community wears and had a star of David on…and for some reason…Young went off!  He yelled: “EFFIN JEWS! EFFING JEWS!” and then attacked one of the guys talking to the bum.  The fight was broken up and Delmon was arrested and charged with a HATE CRIME!  Young’s lawyers say the he was provoked but has since checked in to alcohol and anger management evaluations.  The Tigers have placed him on the restricted list but he could be clear to play again as soon as today.

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  1. ty webb says:

    where is video where batter kicks catcher?….he just said it was on yesterday’s show blog?

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