In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we chat storms downtown causing a death and maybe injuries.  Plus, arrests are made in the White Dude Baltimore beat-down. And, a dude hires a hit-man to kill his wife….for his BIRTHDAY!

When storms blew into downtown St. Louis on Saturday afternoon, Alfred Goodman was in the Kilroy’s beer garden tent with his brother.  Kenny Goodman told family members that he noticed a gust of wind lift up part of the tent.  Kenny Goodman reached down to hold onto a pole, in an effort to keep the tent in place, but heard his brother say that it would be impossible to hold it down.  Seconds later they were both knocked to the ground. Kenny Goodman suffered a bruised eye.  His brother, Alfred, was dead.  He was 58 years old. 17 others were injured and taken to the hospital.


Police in Baltimore have made the third and fourth arrests in connection with a violent robbery that left a man battered and stripped of his clothes last month while onlookers laughed and did nothing to help. The arrests were made Tuesday evening, according to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. The names of the suspects were not yet released, he said. There are no additional suspects in the case, he added. The beating early March 18, after the night of Saint Patrick’s Day, made national news after much of it was caught on video and posted on the Internet. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE!

Its ok that everyone can laugh at this because no one ended up DEAD . . . On Saturday, police in Las Vegas arrested 32-year-old Jorge Victorino-Vazquez for hiring a hitman to kill his wife . . . as a BIRTHDAY PRESENT to himself.  That’s right.  He actually described whacking his wife as a birthday present to himself. Back on April 15th, Vazquez asked a friend if he knew any hitmen.  The friend went to the cops, and they had an undercover cop pose as a hitman and meet with Vazquez at a bar. Vazquez told the cop that, quote, “he wanted his wife killed because she was cheating on him, took his money, took his vehicles, wouldn’t sign papers for him, and always threatened to call INS to have him deported.” The cop gave him several opportunities to change his mind, but Vazquez was determined and gave him $2,000 for the hit. He’s now facing charges of solicitation to commit murder and conspiracy to commit murder.




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