PLEASE STOP IT! (04/30/12)

There are some things that you hear and you have a simple response…PLEASE STOP IT!  Like for example, “Good things come in small packages.”  PLEASE STOP IT!  Also, if you are 40 years old…you can’t say, “Tinkle.”  PLEASE STOP IT!  We chat about some of our and some of your PLEASE STOP IT’s!



CHECK OUT THIS STORY WE FOUND THAT HAS US SAYING…PLEASES TOP IT!: You know how EVERY time a politician gets busted having man-on-man relations, it always seems to be the guy whose policies were the most staunchly anti-gay?  Here are a bunch of studies to back that up. Studies in New York, California, and England have proven what we knew all along . . . people who are super homophobic are more likely to be secretly gay themselves. Their homophobia comes from the shame they feel towards themselves for being gay . . . because they were raised in an environment where being gay wasn’t acceptable and was something you’re SUPPOSED to be ashamed of. So they repress their gayness . . . and develop an intense fear of gays and lesbians.

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1 Response to PLEASE STOP IT! (04/30/12)

  1. claymation says:

    Bc for because, wyd for what you doing, if you are not 13 then spell the whole word.stop it!

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