SHOW BLOG for MONDAY April 30th, 2012

On today’s FULL SHOW BLOG go back in time and check out some famous forgotten couples of the 90’s.  Also, check out Victoria Secret ads from the 70’s and from today.  Plus, more chicks with no make up on.  We open up the phones for some PleaseStopIt rants and we have Drive By Whoring #122.  Today’s DUMBASS CONTEST was Will it Flush, and we talk Crap on Celebs, Discount News, and today’s all new HEADLINE HOOSHE.


There’s a fun list of “Forgotten Couples of the ’90s” on . . . and no matter how celebrity-obsessed you may be, you probably HAVE forgotten about some of them. CLICK FOR THE PICS


We came across a comparison of some photos from “Victoria’s Secret” from 1974, and a bunch from today.  And it’s pretty amusing. CLICK HERE FOR THE PICS

We know how much you love looking at stuff like this……ZOOEY DESCHANEL & JESSICA PARE (from Mad Men) are the latest to pose for a photo without makeup.  They’re being featured in “People” completely natural . . . Continue reading →

This dude in Florida was having an argument with his girlfriend, when some random a-hole decided to be “Captain Save-a-Ho” and stick his nose into the situation. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MUGSHOT

It saddens me to inform you this morning that Obi-Wan Kenobi has turned to the dark side. We’re just hearing about it now, but apparently a guy named Obiwan Kenobi was arrested out in California back on April 21st, for a hit-and-run that took place in March. He’s 37, and yes, his real name is Obiwan Kenobi. CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS MUGSHOT

RIHANNA was in Hawaii on Thursday and spent some time hanging out on the beach and in the ocean in a bikini.  And also bending over on a surfboard, and holding cups of beer that she couldn’t have consumed while maintaining THAT body.  CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTOS


Footage of JIMMY FALLON’S eight-minute “Saturday Night Live” audition has surfaced online.  It’s from 1998, when he was 24 years old. It’s packed with celebrity impressions, including:  John Travolta, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Gilbert Gottfried, Bill Cosby, Tommy Lee Jones, U2, Alanis Morissette, The Wallflowers, and Counting Crows. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

Check out today’s DUMBASS CONTEST: WILL IT FLUSH! It’s a fan favorite and the studio WAR-LET is back in action.  We take a shot glass and see if our Kohler can choke it down!  Check out the video and play the game at home.  What do you think….”WILL IT FLUSH?!” WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

Today was Donnie’s Radio Marathon and with him in the studio the guys invited Donnie to play a brand new game called THE EGG ROULETTE!  See who ended up with “Egg All Over Their Face.”  GOOOOOO! CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO!


There are some things that you hear and you have a simple response…PLEASE STOP IT!  Like for example, “Good things come in small packages.”  PLEASE STOP IT!  Also, if you are 40 years old…you can’t say, “Tinkle.”  PLEASE STOP IT!  We chat about some of our and some of your PLEASE STOP IT’s! CHECK THEM ALL OUT HERE!

Today’s Drive By Whoring is for Kirstie who cheated on her boyfriend as revenge and then decided to hook up with two random dudes and her own cousin!  The whole time – she was dating a guy behind his back.  Ish is WEAK!  Hop in the car and lets ROLL! CHECK OUT THE FULL WHORING HERE!


If you’re looking for a career change, you might want to consider the fast-growing field of hot sauce production. That’s one of the 10 American industries expected to grow the fastest over the next five years……here’s the top 10 on this year’s list. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIST

Are you wasting your time and (your parents) money on a worthless college major? Here’s the list of the 10 most worthless majors…ranked in terms of employment, and taking into account unemployment rates among recent and experienced grads, earnings, and likely job growth this decade. CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST


Today’s CRAP ON has us chatting about the White House correspondence dinner (and the INSTANT comedy) and we chat some forgotten couples of the 90′s.  Plus, today’s Crappy BDAYS and your WORLD FAMOUS PORNO BDAY! ALL CRAP ON HERE!

In today’s SPORTS REPORT w/ PATRICO we talk the Blues, the Cardinals, and how the Bulls are already struggling in the NBA playoffs.  Plus, check this out – we talk about one of the biggest a-hole players in the MLB. ALL SPORTS HERE

In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we chat storms downtown causing a death and maybe injuries.  Plus, arrests are made in the White Dude Baltimore beat-down. And, a dude hires a hit-man to kill his wife….for his BIRTHDAY! ALL DISCOUNT NEWS HERE!

Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE has us introduced to a great-grandma babysitter…who is only 50 by the way.  And guess what…she couldn’t do no babysittin unless she had been sauced up on her Jim Beam!  Ye haw Grandma!  That’s how you babysit! ALL HOOSHE NEWS HERE

Check out today’s DOUCHEBAG of the DAY!  It’s a local dude…actually even better its a local band lead singer.  The dude from Shattermask is in some trouble…and it’s not just some drunken fight.  Check out the details…he’s on the run and what a JOKE! WITH AN UPDATE!!!!!!!! ALL DETAILS HERE!




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