In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS it’s all about the CREEPERS!  A bad babysitter…a creeper says it’s OK to marry your cousin and there are such things as SPERM HUNTERS?!  What the F#$! Check it all out and get caught up

A dude in Pennsylvania exposed himself at an Association fro the Blind.  According to the worker the flasher is a skinny black male, who is 35-45 years old, who was wearing a track suit.  Whats the point?

A 39-year-old babysitter accused of breaking off a 3-4 inch hairbrush handle in her young charge’s ass had one hell of an explanation for police — she was simply trying to relieve the poor tot of his constipation. According to police, Becky Burlison was arrested on charges of aggravated child rape and felony child abuse earlier this month, after allegedly violating the 2-year-old tot’s poop chute with the handle…. twice. It was during the second insertion that the handle broke off and became lodged inside the boy’s body. Burlison reportedly told police she thought the kid might be constipated and believed the insertion of the brush handle might stir things up a bit and get the kid to crap. Police say Burlison waited about 45-minutes for the handle to reappear before seeking medical assistance. Fortunately, the child was able to pass it without surgery. The dumbass was ordered held on a $200,000 bond.

Alan Bittles is a professor at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, and he’s not creepy . . . at all.  For more than 35 years, Alan has studied the topic of incest, and he’s concluded . . . that it’s okay to marry your first cousin.     More than 1.1 billion people on Earth are either married to a close relative, or are the child of a relative-on-relative marriage.  That’s more than one in every seven people. Reproducing with a relative can lead to birth defects, but Alan says children of cousins are only four to five percent more likely to have health problems.  And since poor people are more likely to marry a cousin, living conditions may be responsible for the higher rate of defects.


Targeted: Male hitchhikers are being drugged and sexually assaulted by women in parts of Zimbabwe, including Harare and Gweru town (file picture)Police investigating a spate of ‘ritualistic’ kidnappings and sex attacks on male hitchhikers have arrested three women. Detectives in Zimbabwe, seized 33 used condoms from a suspect vehicle following reports of attacks on men seeking lifts in the town. Reports in Zimbabwe have described the alarming trend of male hitchhikers being offered lifts, but then being drugged and driven to secluded spots by female attackers. The men are then forced into sex with the women, sometimes unprotected and at gunpoint, before the female rapists collect their semen and dump victims by the roadside. Three women have been arrested after police found 33 condoms in a vehicle last Sunday.



Facebook has 161 million users in the U.S., and 900 million worldwide.  That’s a HUGE network, but up until now, they’ve shied away from using their influence to support causes or charities.  That changed yesterday:  Facebook has announced that they want to encourage people to donate organs.  They want people to add their organ donation status to their profile, along with their birth date and other personal information.  The idea is to create positive peer pressure, and get friends to sign up to be organ donors.  If all that sounds too ‘Big Brother’ for you, consider all the random, personal crap you ALREADY shovel onto Facebook, that no one even cares about.  And consider that 7,000 people die each year waiting for organ transplants.



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  1. Nick says:

    Its not rape if you like it, Zimbabwe here I come.

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