BEST OF THE W.A.R WEEK (04/30 – 05/04)

On this week’s BEST OF THE BLOG AND PODCAST we have a to the brim jam packed blog.  Between talking 911 calls, horse vaginas, and starring at Kate Upton’s boobs we pretty much covered everything!  We had the the return of Will It Flush, some Friday Fails Stories, Drive By Whoring #122, Bitch Be Trippin, a BRAND NEW crop of Freaks, and of course tons of audio, video, and photos for you to check out on the BEST OF THE WEEK BLOG AND PODCAST!


There’s a fun list of “Forgotten Couples of the ’90s” on . . . and no matter how celebrity-obsessed you may be, you probably HAVE forgotten about some of them. CLICK FOR THE PICS


We came across a comparison of some photos from “Victoria’s Secret” from 1974, and a bunch from today.  And it’s pretty amusing. CLICK HERE FOR THE PICS

We know how much you love looking at stuff like this……ZOOEY DESCHANEL & JESSICA PARE (from Mad Men) are the latest to pose for a photo without makeup.  They’re being featured in “People” completely natural . . . Continue reading →

This dude in Florida was having an argument with his girlfriend, when some random a-hole decided to be “Captain Save-a-Ho” and stick his nose into the situation. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MUGSHOT

It saddens me to inform you this morning that Obi-Wan Kenobi has turned to the dark side. We’re just hearing about it now, but apparently a guy named Obiwan Kenobi was arrested out in California back on April 21st, for a hit-and-run that took place in March. He’s 37, and yes, his real name is Obiwan Kenobi. CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS MUGSHOT

RIHANNA was in Hawaii on Thursday and spent some time hanging out on the beach and in the ocean in a bikini.  And also bending over on a surfboard, and holding cups of beer that she couldn’t have consumed while maintaining THAT body.  CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTOS

Footage of JIMMY FALLON’S eight-minute “Saturday Night Live” audition has surfaced online.  It’s from 1998, when he was 24 years old. It’s packed with celebrity impressions, including:  John Travolta, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Gilbert Gottfried, Bill Cosby, Tommy Lee Jones, U2, Alanis Morissette, The Wallflowers, and Counting Crows. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

Check out today’s DUMBASS CONTEST: WILL IT FLUSH! It’s a fan favorite and the studio WAR-LET is back in action.  We take a shot glass and see if our Kohler can choke it down!  Check out the video and play the game at home.  What do you think….”WILL IT FLUSH?!” WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

Today was Donnie’s Radio Marathon and with him in the studio the guys invited Donnie to play a brand new game called THE EGG ROULETTE!  See who ended up with “Egg All Over Their Face.”  GOOOOOO! CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO!

There are some things that you hear and you have a simple response…PLEASE STOP IT!  Like for example, “Good things come in small packages.”  PLEASE STOP IT!  Also, if you are 40 years old…you can’t say, “Tinkle.”  PLEASE STOP IT!  We chat about some of our and some of your PLEASE STOP IT’s! CHECK THEM ALL OUT HERE!

Today’s Drive By Whoring is for Kirstie who cheated on her boyfriend as revenge and then decided to hook up with two random dudes and her own cousin!  The whole time – she was dating a guy behind his back.  Ish is WEAK!  Hop in the car and lets ROLL! CHECK OUT THE FULL WHORING HERE!

If you’re looking for a career change, you might want to consider the fast-growing field of hot sauce production. That’s one of the 10 American industries expected to grow the fastest over the next five years……here’s the top 10 on this year’s list. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIST

Are you wasting your time and (your parents) money on a worthless college major? Here’s the list of the 10 most worthless majors…ranked in terms of employment, and taking into account unemployment rates among recent and experienced grads, earnings, and likely job growth this decade. CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST


Remember the movie “Best in Show” about competitive dog shows? Well, apparently a REAL documentary about them is coming out called “Show Dog.” And we’ve got a clip here from it where a guy talks to a woman who makes a living JERKING OFF DOGS for BREEDING purposes.  This video and tons more WTF Stories continue HERE… CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO and more stories!

Today’s DOUCHEBAG of the DAY was Amare Stoudemire.  He got pissed that the Knicks lost last night and he took his anger out on a fire extinguisher glass case and actually cut up his hands.  He injured himself so bad he’ll be out for game three and COULD miss the whole series. DOUCHE! CHECK IT OUT HERE

So………what do you want first…….the GOOD NEWS or the BAD NEWS? Think about it……and when you’re ready…….. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

A video hit the internet the other day featuring three grandmothers discussing the KIM KARDASHIAN sex tape . . . then WATCHING it. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

Here’s a funny self-defense video from the ‘80s.  It’s a karate instructor named Lou Casamassa showing women how to prevent a sexual assault. A few of his tips include grossing out your attacker by drooling on yourself, burping, and passing gas . . . because, quote, “the smell may drive him away.” Then a woman shows how to bite off a guy’s JUNK if you need to.  She uses a cucumber instead of the real thing. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

WAYNE GRETZKY must be proud. His hot, 23 year old daughter PAULINA is involved in another photo scandal. We say ANOTHER photo scandal because her last one just cooled down. She had posted slutty photos online….and tried to fix it by temporarily shutting down her Twitter account. But now she’s stirred things up again – this time on Instagram. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTOS

MARIAH CAREY busted out a crazy cameltoe while performing at an Austrian ski resort the other day. Ohh fa! Of course we looked, but are you happy that you did? Whatever is under there looks like it would be busted and NASTY!   CHECK OUT THE MOOSEKNUCKLE HERE

There is NO arguing that SOFIA VERGARA has amazing boobs. Sofia plays Gloria on “Modern Family”. She recently bared her breasts for the Mexican edition of “GQ”.  Well, she WAS wearing a shirt . . . but it was SEE-THROUGH.  CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTOS

Today’s DUMBASS CONTEST is Guess the State.  We read a story and you have to tell us what state that story comes from.  If you are a NINJA you know that it’s one of four states where crazy stories usually come from.  Listen to the story and then click to play the game! PLAY ALONG HERE


How psyched is Rizzuto right now? There’s some new video footage AND photos of his girl Kate Upton that have hit the internets! People are treating this like it’s the most awesome thing they’ve seen in ages.  And maybe they’re right. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT ALL

Once you’re in your 50s, MMA cage-fighting is pretty much out of the question, right?  Well, not for THIS guy:  On Saturday, a 53-year-old named Tim Karaker went to an MMA even in Kankakee, Illinois. He was SUPPOSED to be there just to watch, but apparently the event was down a fighter, and someone asked him at the door if he’d fight a 21-year-old guy named Brandon Frey.  And he AGREED. WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

WAYNE GRETZKY must be proud. His hot, 23 year old daughter PAULINA is involved in another photo scandal. We say ANOTHER photo scandal because her last one just cooled down. She had posted slutty photos online….and tried to fix it by temporarily shutting down her Twitter account. But now she’s stirred things up again – this time on Instagram. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTOS

A forensic expert mocked up a photo of what JESSICA SIMPSON’S baby will look like in a few years . . . and I can’t decide of it’s CUTE or CREEPY. So we’re giving it the YES OR NO treatment. SEE THE PHOTO AND VOTE

MAYOR FRED was in the building for the reading of the FREAKS! Check out the four ads that we have found on Craigslist and find out who will become the this weeks FREAK OF THE WEEK! Hear Fred read these nominees and then click the link to see who won this week and now qualifies for the Jerry Sandusky Memorial Trophy! ALL YOUR FREAKS HERE…READ ON!

The annual “Fan Cost Index” just came out, which breaks down the prices at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums. So if you go to a game this year, here’s what you can expect to pay. CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST

ESPN just put together a report on the highest-earning players in tons of different sports.  We all know MLB, NBA, and NFL players do well . . . but who knew there were BADMINTON and RACQUETBALL players making bank? Here are some of the highest-paid athletes from the big sports . . . CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST

So, when the Seals broke into Osama’s compound (which by the way – was one year ago today) they found tons of porn hanging out in his place.  So, check this out..we found a bunch of porno related news.  Read on…it’s not NEARLY as sexy as it sounds! PORN CONTINUES HERE


You hear chicks ripping on other chicks all the time who are TOO skinny….“Bitch needs to eat a sandwich” is a common phrase you might hear. Well, a website called has put together a photo gallery of celebrity chicks who so skinny . . . that it’s kinda gross. Some are worse than others…..and they’re all in bikinis.  WANNA SEE THE PHOTOS?

Welcome to the BUTT UGLY BITCHES section of the Woody and Rizzuto blog! If you ever hear us talking about an ugly, disgusting bitch….this is the place you can find the photo. Prostitutes, hookers, crack whores, and just generally disgusting bitches beware…You may end up as a W.A.R Butt Ugly Bitch CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!

Man…..wearing a hoodie IS hella dangerous! There’s a video from a zoo in Portland, Oregon where a lion goes after a baby on the other side of the glass.  And some people think it’s because the baby’s hoodie is striped like a zebra. This kid is lucky that glass is there……cause this lion wants to kill and eat this baby…..BAD! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

Today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN segment…ladies – we love you – but sometimes you do and say some really crazy stuff. So – we gotta call you out. We took some calls and rocked out some news stories for today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN! ALL STORIES AND CALLERS HERE!

Sometimes…Whitey just does NOT understand.  But thank GOD that Woody speaks street, and white very fluently.  So, now Bow Wow is talking about the IRS and God knows what he is talking about….until today!  It’s another TRANSLATION FOR WHITEY! GET EDUMICATED HERE!

So the Tanning Jersey Mom is 100% in the Butt Ugly Bitches Gallery.  Check out this classy mom.  She looks 60 but she’s actually only 42.  Take a look and then place your vote….Does SHE belong in the Butt Ugly Bitches Gallery? CHECK IT OUT AND PLACE YOUR VOTE!

44-year-old Patricia Krentcil is one of the TANNEST WOMEN we’ve ever seen.  She lives in Rizzuto’s home state of New Jersey……of course.  To try to describe her, I’d say it looks like a blonde woman who went swimming in a pool of chocolate….and CERTAINLY deserves to be considered for inclusion in our BUTT UGLY BITCHES PHOTO GALLERY. SEE HER PICTURE AND CAST YOUR VOTE


How psyched is Rizzuto right now? There’s some new video footage AND photos of his girl Kate Upton that have hit the internets! People are treating this like it’s the most awesome thing they’ve seen in ages.  And maybe they’re right. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT ALL

BAR REFAELI did a video where she appears in various states of undress . . . all in the interest of hyping her new underwear line, Under.Me. We’ve also got some pictures and a link to the video for ya……….. BUT YOU GOTTA CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM

When a cat goes after a fish, the fight usually ends with a DEAD fish.  But when a fish attacks a CAT, it’s just plain BAD-ASS. In this video, a cat is  standing over a fish tank, and one of the fish actually jumps halfway out of the water and tries to bite it! FISH > CAT CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO

We saw a video this morning on YouTube called “Window Surprise.” Let’s just say it involves raccoons . . . and if you saw two PEOPLE outside your window doing what’s in the video, you might call the cops. It’s two raccoons having sex on the guy’s roof, right in front of his window . . . and they stare right back at him. CLICK HERE FOR ANIMAL PORN

If you’re one of those people who believe that porn is evil, then you might want to check out this movie . . . It’s called “Harmless”, and it’s one of those “found footage” movies like “Blair Witch” or “Paranormal Activity”. It’s about what happens to a family when the father finds an EVIL BOX OF PORNO in his closet. Honestly. CLICK HERE TO SEE A CLIP

Maybe you have the perfect plan. It was set and good to go. Then, when everything seemed to be going perfectly. You were set up with a MEGA….UBER….ULTRA….FAILLLLL! Check out the stories we have for you in today’s FRIDAY FAIL STORIES! ALL FAIL STORIES HERE!

Police in Montreal have arrested a taxi driver who was caught on camera running a dude over with his car. It was Saturday night…..and the 23-year-old dude and his friends got in some kind of argument with him.  It’s not clear what happened leading up to it, but they were banging on the side of his car, and one guy even hopped ON TOP of the cab! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO AND VOTE

St. Louis made another one of those TOP 10 CITIES FOR_________ lists. This time it’s the list of the top 10 cities for CHEAP PEOPLE! It’s based on everything from low cost of living to free entertainment options to libraries to Dollar General stores. Where did STL finish on that list? CLICK HERE FOR THE TOP 10


Find out who was voted this week’s HEADLINE HOOSHE STORY OF THE WEEK!  Was it the drunken grandma who was babysittin her grand kids?! The man who had the mobile meth lab blow up in his pants? The woman who left her infant in the car with the dog while she played some pool?  OR….the man who hooked up with a horse?!  You vote… ALL HOOSHE NEWS AND RESULTS HERE!

In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS since it’s Friday and tomorrow it’s Drink-O De Mayo so we are chatting crunkin news.  Including: What is Cinco De Mayo.  Plus, a dude was so drunk he doesn’t remember getting hit by a TRAIN and a cheap beer feud. ALL KRUNKIN NEWS HERE! 





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