Back on April 28th, this dude and his wife were in South Africa visiting a game reserve.  The woman was in a pen with some CHEETAHS . . . who were raised in captivity from birth and were supposed to be safe to pet.  Then, suddenly, the cheetahs SNAPPED….attacking the woman! Meanwhile…..her husband just KEPT TAKING PHOTOS while they bit off part of his wife’s SCALP, punctured her neck, and scratched her all over. Thankfully, some employees jumped in and pulled the cheetahs off.  The woman survived, although she was hospitalized for the injuries.  She says they told her the cheetahs, quote, “weren’t being vicious . . . they were just excited.” The photos of the attack are on today’s show blog. UPDATE: The “petting area” of the game reserve has been closed while the park figures out how to keep this from happening again.

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