In Texas, a female elected law enforcement official is facing a lawsuit from a former male employee . . . for allegedly FORCING him to MOTORBOAT her ENORMOUS BREASTS.

Pam Matranga is a constable in Galveston County, Texas. FYI: In Texas, a constable is an elected law enforcement official who oversees precincts. Pam is a little older . . . we couldn’t find a record of her exact age, but she appears to be in her 50s.  And she has some very large boobies.  Yes, that’s relevant to this story…..because a former deputy named James Gist is SUING Pam for sexual harassment . . . claiming that, last year, she lifted her shirt over his head and FORCED him to MOTORBOAT her ENORMOUS BREASTS.

And that’s not all.  He also says she did other inappropriate things, like giving him a lap dance, referring to her lady parts as “duck taco,” and rubbing herself down below while asking him why she can’t get a man. He’s seeking an unspecified amount in damages.  Pam says she can’t address the specific allegations but, quote, “I’m not a girlie girl, I think a lot of things have been taken out of context.” She’s currently up for re-election in the May 29th primary and says James is REALLY suing her because, quote, “I would not change a legal document in his favor.”

So NINJAS…….What do you think? Is she guilty or do we need to RING THE BELL on this dude for being a pussy about this?

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  1. a.scurlock says:

    Wow…anybody that believes these accusations that just so happen to come out 12 days before elections oh and did I mention gist became friends with Rick Sharp the man running against Pam Matranga, and I guess Rick jogged his memory. Come on people these accusations arse nothing but a way to smear her good name. I ts all in the game to win an election. Rick Sharp and Phil Gist.

    • Miss Priss says:

      Why would someone waste there time defending her. If you know the lady are have ever worked with her you would know she is very capable of these charges. When she is not getting drunk on the weekends, she is sneaking around sleeping with married men. Ask her but, Iam sure she would deny that also. She is pretty low class, lies all the time. She even has her staff tell the public that she is not in the office , when she really is. I think it is crazy that her facebook fanbase believe all the bull she feeds them. What grown adult has three are four facebook pages. This lady acts like she belongs in high school not as a public servant. Especially a career that requires carrying a gun. Also, the gun holes in her opponents signs have to have been done by one that carry’s a gun. I wonder who. Probally one of those nights she was sitting home feeling sorry for herself and drinking… I think any other person with some education would bring some class to Galveston County precinct seven. Not to mention I hear that there are other law suits pending against this woman.
      That will be coming out soon.
      Good ridings MATRANGA

  2. will says:

    i feel sorry for that guy

  3. Chris M. says:

    Please, I’ve seen bigger boobs at Walmart. These cans are not that big. I vote for guilty.

  4. Raith says:

    Man I don’t know. Unless this dude is married or in some kind of serious relationship I would ring the bell. But women sue us men and win for far less so maybe he’s just tryin to stick it to her and get a check. Tough call. I would prolly have to burn my face off afterwards though. I may not sue. Depends on how broke I was.

  5. Anthony says:

    Do you want to see them Rizz?..

  6. jay says:

    Jesus…..I wouldn’t Sue but God damn I would Peel my face off

  7. sahaya1 says:

    Of COURSE she’s guilty. If guys are held accountable for their actions around us (women), it’s only fair. And what….are you saying that he’s not a “guy” if he doesn’t appreciate some bossy bitch forcing him to do this? Maybe he doesn’t like “fat boobs”. Just sayin’.
    You both can suck it, and Happy Birthday, Rizz! xoxo

  8. Brandon says:

    I wouldn’t sue her but I would be traumatized beyond repair!! Gross!!

  9. Gil Wheeler says:

    I say ring that bell

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