Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE introduces us to a man who decided that it was time to go to the liquor store. But he wanted to make sure that his kids were having fun.  So, he decided to strap them down.  Safety first right?  Oh wait – strapped them WHERE?!

Aaron Stefanski (dude on the left) and Jessica Clark (the chick on the right) were apprehended by police for allegedly strapping four children to the hood of their car and then driving away after they left a liquor store Monday evening .The Fort Wayne, Ind., couple were spotted by someone who summoned 911, when they spotted the vehicle as it was exiting the parking lot of the liquor store.  According to witnesses, the children were strapped across their legs and were squirming as if they wanted to get out but didn’t know how. One witness said “I couldn’t believe it!  I told the people in the car, ‘Don’t do that!” Another man, who was appalled by the spectacle chimed in by stating, “They were all drunk.  They were all high, or whatever.  They’ve got babies on a car!  That’s not nice,” he said. Luckily, a U.S. Marshall spotted the children at an intersection, stopped the vehicle, and detained Stefanski until police arrived on the scene. When the officers arrived, they discovered that 29-year-old Stefanski, who is the Father of three of the children, had been driving under the influence of alcohol and charged him with three counts of operating while intoxicated and one count of neglect of a dependent.  Clark, 29, a passenger in the vehicle and the Mother of one of the children, was charged with one count of neglect of a dependent. Police said when they arrested Stefanski that he was crying and stating that the entire incident was a joke; he reportedly thought the kids were having fun. The children, ages 4, 5, 6 and 7, were uninjured, but the Department of Children Services assisted the police investigators at the scene.


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  1. Gil Wheeler says:

    What a couple winners … Someone needs to strap them to a hood … Or just beat them on a daily basis

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