This just ain’t right……’s an email we got from one of our listeners yesterday. Check out the photo that goes along with it……..SICK AND WRONG!

From: Brad []
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2012 2:03 AM
To: Woody and Rizzuto
Subject: Parents posting s**t on youtube and facebook

Woody and Rizz,
First off thank you for making my mornings enjoyable as I tread on my way to school and what not it is much appreciated. Second I don’t know when you are doing the stop it segment again but the last couple of days I have seen people driving convertibles with the top down and windows up…. umm WHY? you look like a freaking idiot and why have the window up to stop the air flow when your top is down.

Second in response to you guys talking about people posting s**t about their kids on facebook I found this online and thought it was along the lines you guys were talking about. Its kinda messed up and definitely NSFW but here you are.

Happy Birthday Rizz! Suck it!


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  1. Danny says:

    They need their ass kicked!

  2. buttsecks says:

    How is this wrong is not like the baby will have any idea what happened

  3. Brian says:

    Let us see there name they posted it publicly.

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