In today’s SPORTS REPORT we chat about the Cardinals, an injury to Rivera could have been a GOOD thing, and we chat postseason in the NHL and the NBA.  Plus, another awesome video of a fan catching a ball in the stands.
The Cardinals earned their first series sweep of the year last night by beating the Diamondbacks 7-2 in Arizona.  Allan Craig sealed the deal with a 9th inning homerun as the Cards scored 4 runs in the last inning of the game.  Rafeal Furcal continues his tear as he went 4 for 5.  Kyle Loshe picks up the win, Jason Motte gets the save.  The team is off tonight and then opens up a series against the Braves tomorrow at 7:15pm.

This is kind of crazy…who could have a thought an injury could be a good thing?  While being checked out for his torn ACL, Mariano Rivera from the Yankees found out from doctors that the dude had a blood clot in his right calf that needed to be taken care of.  Rivera – who injured his knee shagging fly balls in the outfield before a game last week – said that he WILL do whatever it takes to return to the game next year.

One other quick baseball note…the P.A Announcer for the Boston Red Sox apparently had a heart attack while driving yesterday, crashed his vehicle, and died.  Reports say Carl Beane had a heart attack, went off the road and hit a tree and a wall.  He was 59 years old.

The Washington Capitals avoided elimination last night as they beat the Rangers 2-1 and tie up their series 3-3 and force a game 7 on Saturday. The winner of that game faces the New Jersey Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals starting next week.

The Miami Heat are moving on to the second round of the NBA playoffs after they beat the Knicks last night to win the series 4 games to 1.  Tonight, a couple more chances for eliminations.  Get the complete NBA playoff schedule on today’s show blog.

And finally – yesterday we saw a video of a dude catch a homerun ball with his junk…which in turned ricocheted and blasted a woman in the face.  Well, a video you have to check out today is a dude at a Padres’ game who had a foul ball land right in his beer…and to celebrate…dude CHUGGED it with the ball still in his cup.  It’s great and you can see it HERE

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