In today’s SPORTS REPORT we chat about the Cardinals honoring Tony LaRussa, NBA and the NHL playoffs continue with a couple game sevens and Chris Andersen…you my friend, are HELLA creepy.

The Cardinals are in action tonight to open up a weekend series against the Braves.  Some pre-game festivities tonight.  The team will honor former manager Tony LaRussa by retiring his number in a ceremony before first pitch.  All of the hoopla is scheduled to start around seven which makes first pitch pushed back a bit tonight.  We’re looking at a 7:25PM start time.  Jamie Garcia will get the start for the Cardinals.

We will know the final team in the conference finals tomorrow night.  The Rangers and Capitals meet for Game #7 in and the winner will face the New Jersey Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals.  The West has already been set…the Kings (who eliminated the Blues) will take on the Phoenix Coyotes.

Some NBA news:  The 76ers eliminated the top seeded Derrick Rose-less Bulls last night.  They win that series 4 games to 2 and move on.  The Celtics are also moving on after eliminating the Hawks 4 games to 2 and the Nuggets stay alive forcing game seven against the Lakers after their win last night.  Speaking of the Nuggets….

CHRIS “BIRDMAN” ANDERSEN of the Denver Nuggets is the subject of a child pornography investigation in Colorado. We don’t know much about it yet, but agents from the state’s Internet Crimes Against Children task force raided his home yesterday morning and seized property. There’s no word what was taken, but the items were turned over to a computer forensics lab . . . so obviously, we’re talking computers or other electronic devices. Which has rumors swirling around about child pornography.  Which is hella creepy.  Police say they’ve been investigating this dude since February, when they received some kind of information from a California law enforcement agency. Andersen has not been arrested yet.  He was actually on the court with the Nuggets yesterday preparing for their playoff game with the Los Angeles Lakers . . . but he had left by the time the news broke.  The team has granted him clearance to miss all team activities.  Check out a picture of this super douche on today’s blog too.  What an A-HOLE!

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