There’s a new article on the DR. OZ website about the top dieting myths people still believe.  Here are his top three, and why they’re not true. 




#1.)  Eating Fat Makes You Fat. 

It does if you eat A LOT of fat . . . especially saturated fat.  But things with fat in them also make you feel full faster, which makes you eat less overall. Obviously that doesn’t mean you should go eat a box of Cheez-Its.  But things like seafood, walnuts, and olive oil are all great sources for HEALTHY fat.


#2.)  You Burn More Fat if You Exercise on an Empty Stomach.

It SEEMS like it makes sense, but a recent study showed that it doesn’t actually make a difference.  You burn the same amount of fat whether you’ve eaten or not. But if you DON’T eat before you exercise, you’ll have less energy, which means your workout won’t be as intense, and you’ll probably burn fewer CALORIES.


#3.)  It’s Harder for Women to Lose Weight Than It Is for Men. 

It actually IS true in the short term.  Men have more muscle mass, so it’s easier to lose the first few pounds. But after that, studies have shown it’s just as hard for men to lose weight as it is for women.




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