Today’s SPORTS has us talking about the Cardinals, the NHL Conference finals are now set, LeBron gets ANOTHER MVP award and the playoffs continue…and a college athlete chooses LAW SCHOOL over the NFL. 

Lance Lynn failed to get his 7th win of the season yesterday as the Cardinals lost to the Braves 7-4.  All four runs scored by the Cardinals came from homers by Beltran and Craig.  Beltran’s 13th long shot put him in the lead for most in the NL.  But, with the lost… the Cards were swept over the weekend – and the team looks to rebound with a short two game series against the Cubs tonight and tomorrow afternoon.  Jake Westbrook gets the start tonight…first pitch is scheduled for 6:05pm.

The New York Rangers beat the Capitals 2-1 on Saturday and they move on to take on the New Jersey Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals.  First game in that series is tonight at 7:00PM.  Last night, the Kings opened their series against the Coyotes and picked up the game 1 lead with a 4-2 win against Phoenix.  Game two goes down tomorrow night.

Switching to the NBA, the Clippers beat the Grizzlies on Sunday to advance to the next round…and the Lakers eliminated the Nuggets on Saturday in seven games.  Remember Chris “The Birdman” Andersen and how we said he was being investigated for child porn charges…well he says he is NOT guilty and he is being set up by a female fan. Dudes lawyers says that a female man mailed Andersen a bunch of letter that included several pictures of her all slutted up and half nude…. And she claimed she was 21.  Also his lawyer said that someone claiming to be the girls mom emailed him and demanded that he pay for everything on her Amazon wishlist, $5,000 for bedding, and her Victoria’s Secret wishlist.  As of right now, Andersen has not been arrested or charged with ANYTHING.   NBA action continues tonight. Check out the schedule of games HERE.

One other quick NBA note – LeBron James was awarded this years NBA MVP award.  It’s his 3rd time winning the honor in the past 4 years.

You don’t hear this much, Andrew Sweat – a linebacker for Ohio State, graduated with a 3.4 GPA and was offered a contract after the NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns.  But, over the weekend told them thanks but no thanks, after he was accepted to five different law schools after passing the LSAT.  Guy decided to be a lawyer rather than pursue being an NFL Player.  He was recently accepted into programs at Pittsburgh, Duquesne, Miami, Florida, and West Virginia.

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