We open up today’s show talking about Mothers Day, the good ole “Sex addiction” excuse, and why does claim that every “day after a holiday” is one of their biggest days of the year.  Seems odd. 

If you didn’t give your wife a good Mother’s Day gift, there’s a chance she might ask someone ELSE to give her something. Ashley Madison is that stupid dating site for married people who want affairs, and they say that more women sign up for their site the Monday after Mother’s Day than any other day of the year.  And that’s been true for the last FOUR years. Even though Mother’s Day isn’t considered a romantic holiday, it gets women thinking about how their husbands treat them and how much their efforts are appreciated. Ashley Madison’s founder says, quote, “What they experience is a lack of appreciation, affection and respect [and] that is when the idea of taking on a potential lover takes full form.”

SEX ADDICTION is a popular go-to when someone . . . usually a famous dude . . . is caught cheating on their wife.  Of course, that ignores the fact that ALL men would be sex addicts if they were rich, famous, or handsome enough to pull it off. And the American Psychiatric Association agrees.  They’ve decided they aren’t willing to recognize sex addiction as a real disorder. They’re currently putting together the fifth version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  That’s the BIBLE of the psychiatric community. And hypersexuality is NOT making the cut . . . because it doesn’t meet enough of their criteria to count as a real psychiatric disorder. Basically, for hypersexuality to be in there, there would have to be more proof that it completely takes over someone’s life, to the point where they lose their job and their family. Not enough cases have shown that effect.  So, for this version of the book, hypersexuality will make an appendix with other, quote, “conditions that require further research.”

Check out a whole mess of Mother’s Day Tweets from the stars. CHECK IT ALL OUT HERE!

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