We got this email sent to us yesterday after our “Sexy Time Fun Facts” segment about what is/isn’t considered cheating at a bachelor party. We can’t read it on the air because it’s too dirty……but you can read it here, and then vote: Is it cheating? Yes or No?  WARNING: CONTAINS SEXUALLY GRAPHIC LANGUAGE/SITUATIONS


From: Deanna []
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 8:08 AM
To: Woody and Rizzuto
Subject: ASK WAR Bachelor Party Question

This is perfect as my husband and I have an on-going argument.  He has this friend who had a bachelor party in his home (first mistake).  His best man hired two girls.  In the course of the night, the girls did things with each other while the guys watched…..which was the tamest thing that happened.  The girls cut down the stick of some lollipops and the guys would pay the girls, to put the stick part in their (the guy’s) mouth as the girl would then “sit” on the sucker.   They also had the groom to be take a dildo in his mouth and slide it in to the girls.  What do you think?  Cheating or no?  No agreements were in place…



We think it’s worthwhile to know what the majority of people do and don’t consider CHEATING.  Even though it may be different than the definition of cheating in YOUR relationship, and won’t be considered reasonable evidence when you fight. A researcher at the University of New Brunswick in Canada is working on his psychology thesis and conducted a major survey of people 18 to 67, asking them what they do and don’t count as cheating.  Here are the results.

CHEATING.  Anything involving sexual contact, from kissing to sex.  The majority of people also include sexual conversations, sexting, and sending nude photos, even though there’s no physical contact.

NOT CHEATING, BUT WORTH FIGHTING ABOUT.  Flirting, dancing closely, browsing a dating website, holding hands, and watching a movie alone with someone of the opposite sex at their home aren’t cheating, but WILL lead to serious discussions.

NOT CHEATING AND NOT WORTH FIGHTING ABOUT.  The majority of people say that watching porno by yourself, having dinner with someone of the opposite sex, and receiving emotional support from a friend of the opposite sex do not count as cheating. But if you LIE about doing any of those things . . . like you have something to hide . . . THEN they cross the line into requiring a discussion.

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  1. Ninjette says:

    I was thinking on this again. ….Which one of the guys at the party broke the bro code and told the spouses what happened? lol.

  2. robert says:

    Cheating is anything you wouldn’t want your girlfriend or boyfriend doing to the opposite sex. So if you don’t want your girlfriend to go to a guys house to watch a movie then you don’t go to a girls house to watch a movie!

  3. Ninjette says:

    I don’t think what happened in the email is cheating. Yes, they stimulated another person, but for entertainment purposes. I mean were all the guys standing around with their johnsons in hand jo-ing or actually doing things to the girls? no. Not cheating. I guarantee those girls weren’t actually getting off on that, they were simply doing their jobs.
    I think browsing a dating website is worse than what happened at this bachelor party. honestly.
    Ninja’s voted 53% said cheating?! Really?! WOW Ninja’s be trippin’ today!! UPTIGHT TUESDAY?

  4. Tracie says:

    Its all a matter of personal opinion. Cheating is not just the physical part. There is also emotional cheating. In any relationship its best to just determine what each partner in the relationship considers cheating. If you respect your partner the you’ll be respectful of the things they are uncomfortable with. In this day and age and the fact that a lot of girls are so loose..its hard telling where she’s been and whats actually been in contact with her “nether region”…I sure would not be comfortable with it being that close to my mans face or any other part of his body.

    • Ashley says:

      Very well put. I couldn’t agree more. What I would consider cheating and what other women might consider cheating are two totally different things. It is best to discuss something like this with your fiance before it happens. Personally, if I was this bride, I wouldn’t be going through with the wedding. Just saying.

  5. Samuel says:

    So really it’s very simple to me, there is female privet parts within an inch or two of the guy’s mouth. So you have to be ok with your girl having male privet parts that close to her mouth, which I am not. I was at a party where some crazy girl was showing off her new female privet part piercing which seemed ok at the time, but very shortly after a guy pulled his junk out with the same kind of piercing and I did not like it a bit when my girl got her face with in about 6 inches to see it. Since then I try to reverse the situation and think would I be ok with this.

  6. Dawn says:

    Bitch Be Trippin, if that is cheatin, she must be a saint!

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