Is it REALLY a proud accomplishment to set a world record for being a “Jersey Shore” impersonator?  I say no.  This guy says yes.  On Friday, a 34-year-old in Ohio fist pumped for 17 straight hours . . . and he sent the tapes to Guinness so he can officially claim the world record for longest consecutive time fist pumping.

On Friday, 34-year-old James Peterson of Akron, Ohio set a Guinness world record for longest consecutive time spent FIST PUMPING.  Yes, he’s 34 . . . in other words, old enough to know better. James started fist pumping around the University of Akron sometime around 11:00 A.M. on Friday.  He kept going for 17 straight hours, until 3:00 or 4:00 on Saturday morning. James says he’s good at keeping his arm above his head because he used to hang light fixtures.  To make sure his fist stayed clenched, he SUPER GLUED it shut. As for WHY he wanted to set this world record . . . who knows.  James just says he likes fist pumping, Jersey-style.  He had his entire 17-hour fist pump taped so he could send it to Guinness to prove he set a world record.

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