Ever been so pissed that you just wanted the break the CRAP OUT OF SOMETHING?  Sometimes we all feel like Fred Durst and want to “Break Stuff,” and a place in Dallas is now here to help…it’s called the ANGER ROOM.

While stress is an unfortunate and unhealthy part of modern life, going on a destructive rampage isn’t usually a socially acceptable way of dealing with it. Enter the Anger Room, a storefront in a Dallas strip mall where fed-up Americans can act out. Inside, proprietor and founder Donna Alexander and her staff offer up rooms of stuff — TVs, office furniture, glassware — for patrons to smash. (Watch a therapeutic session below.) Here, a brief guide:

How does the Anger Room work?
The rooms are filled with donated or found items from garage sales or dumpsters. When you show up, you pick how much time you want in a room: A five-minute “I Need a Break” session is $25; a 15-minute “Lash Out” booking is $45; and 25 minutes of “Total Demolition” will set you back $75. Then you pick a soundtrack for your rage or revenge fantasy, grab a baseball bat, and go in and smash away.


ORRRRRR….you can be just like Fandango and beat the ISH out of a studio printer!

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