In TODAY’S DISCOUNT NEWS it’s all about FOOD NEWS! A dude flips about LACK OF ONIONS.  A kid gets fingered at Arby’s.  A dude finds a DEEP FRIED COCKROACH in his food AND….No so SWEET TEA!
Early Sunday, 21-year-old Christopher Slate and 23-year-old Sean Mosey of Murfreesboro, Tennessee went to a McDonald’s while drunk and ordered cheeseburgers. When they got home, they were OUTRAGED to find the McDonald’s had given them an insufficient amount of tiny onions on their burgers. So they drank a few more beers, and went back to the McDonald’s to WRECK the place. They shattered the front window with a piece of concrete, and threw a BRICK through the drive-thru window. An employee was cut by the flying glass, and the manager was hit in the leg by the concrete. Their getaway fell apart when Sean tripped as they were running away, and was too drunk to get up.  Both were arrested for felony reckless endangerment and vandalism.

Last Friday, 14-year-old Ryan Hart of Jackson, Michigan was at an Arby’s with his family, and eating a junior roast beef sandwich.  But as he was eating, he tasted something DISGUSTING.  And no, it wasn’t just the roast beef. On one of his last bites, he tasted something that was like rubber, and tough to chew. When he spit it out, he realized it was a piece of a HUMAN FINGER. And this isn’t a hoax.  One of the employees at that Arby’s had cut off part of her finger on the meat slicer.  She left her station, probably for medical attention, and the other workers didn’t realize she’d left a piece of her finger in the roast beef. So they just kept on making sandwiches.  And Ryan got the one with the prize inside.  Arby’s called this a, quote, “isolated and unfortunate accident.”  But even after the incident, the restaurant didn’t shut down and stop serving food. Ryan’s mother says he’s TRAUMATIZED by biting into the finger, and she’s gotten in touch with a lawyer.

On Tuesday, a guy posted a photo of the hash browns he’d just gotten at McDonald’s . . . with a DEEP-FRIED COCKROACH attached. The cockroach is smashed into the hash browns, with its wings spread out.  It was hidden from view by the bag it was served in. The location of the McDonald’s wasn’t released.  The guy who got the hash browns claims he showed it to the manager and, quote, “She didn’t really seem all that concerned . . . she marked my receipt so I could get the same meal free next time.” He says he thinks the roach was in the delivery truck and ended up frozen to the hash brown.  Then when it was deep fried, the employee didn’t spot it. There hasn’t been any independent confirmation of his story, and there’s no comment from McDonald’s.

A South Carolina McDonald’s worker served customers some Sweet Tea with a side of phlegm, authorities said. The incident happened on Saturday when a mother and daughter noticed their tea wasn’t sweetened and returned their drinks in exchange for the correct order. When their teas were returned, the duo saw their order wasn’t correct again and were heading home to add their own sweetener. But when they looked in the drink, they noticed both had an stomach-turning side of phlegm floating on top.

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  1. Steve says:

    Should this be a the bottom of the Mac D’s story?

    “Ryan’s mother says he’s TRAUMATIZED by biting into the finger, and she’s gotten in touch with a lawyer.”

    Double mark down everything must go discount news? 🙂

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