In Today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we talk about some bad parenting….that involves shooting up with your kid.  Plus, we talk about mice with parachutes and a kid who was being bullied has gotten expelled.  Total BS.

A 30-year-old woman is accused of shooting heroin in a pharmacy bathroom, while her 4-year-old child was present. Police were called to a pharmacy on a report of a person acting strangely.  A witness saw the subject request syringes from the pharmacy, before she disappeared into the bathroom with her child.  When the two emerged from the bathroom, the woman appeared to be high.  She asked for a container to dispose used syringes.  When officers approached the woman, she attempted to conceal a Crown Royal bag behind her back.  Inside the bag, police found a spoon with residue and a corner baggie with a controlled substance in it.  They found the syringe in her purse.  The woman claimed not to know whether the substance in the baggie was heroin or methamphetamine.  Tests showed it was heroin.   The woman was taken into custody for possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment without injury.  She has several other convictions for drug possession.

60 years after they found their way to the shores of Guam, brown tree snakes have become the island’s most pervasive invasive species. Now believed to number in the millions, the unwelcome serpents have decimated the region’s wildlife, slithering without having to worry about any natural predator. Faced with this unchecked threat, experts have teamed up with an unlikely ally in the battle against snakes — scores of parachuting mice laced with a lethal payload. One effort has involved air-dropping mice that have been laced with poison and fitted with parachutes out of helicopters. It provides a deadly dinner for any unsuspecting snakes below. “Right now we are using acetaminophen (paracetamol). It commonly used as a pain reliever and fever reducer in humans, but it is 100% lethal to all brown tree snakes,” explains Dan Vice of the US Department of Agriculture.

The gay teen who brought a stun gun to school to defend himself against bullies—then fired said gun into the air—is paying the piper: Arsenal Tech High School has expelled Darnell “Dynasty” Young, who now won’t be allowed to finish his junior year, and will miss the first semester of his senior year. “I couldn’t believe that they did it,” says mom Chelisa Grimes, who got Darnell the stun gun after she says school officials failed to respond to the family’s complaints about bullying. “They really kicked him out.” Darnell may appeal the decision, but says he’s undecided.

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