Last October, an anonymous letter was sent to a High School in Osceola, Florida, saying that a 28-year-old teacher named Kacy Wilson had been involved sexually with one of her students.  The cops were called and the student in question copped to what happened.  Read the DETAILS and see the picture and see if you think this chick is GUILTY or NOT GUILTY!So here are the details: The 16-year-old kid told cops that Ms. Wilson called him out of class to say that he had left something behind in HER classroom.  When he got there, she pushed him against the wall and began grinding up against him.  She then pulled him into a closet, took off his clothes and had sex with him.  In his statement to the police, the kid said that he was ashamed of what happened and that Ms. Wilson took his virginity.  Quote, “It’s bad, that when I grow up and think about my first time, I have to think about Ms. Wilson.”  He also told the cops that Ms. Wilson started sending him topless pictures of herself to his cellphone, which made him feel “uncomfortable.”  Sounds AWESOME to me… but you be the judge. Look at her picture… Is she guilty or not?  She’s been arrested and is facing charges of unlawful sexual activity with certain minors and transmission of pornography by electronic device.

On the left is her SCHOOL PHOTO and on the right is her MUGSHOT.  Still, not too bad!


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  1. Josh says:

    If you truly feel threatened… How do you get hard in a situation like this? I know what my cock does when I’m scared….

  2. Harry Follicle says:

    I’m sure she’s been arrested due to the “Mandated Reporting” laws when it comes to this kind of stuff. From a law enforcement perspective, this screams false accusation. The kid most likely sent the anonymous letter… and just listen to his description of the events. Now think about it… if a high school boy was fantasizing about doing it with a teacher, this sounds to me exactly how he would describe it. If he was so put off but the act, he could have said no or gotten out of there. This doesn’t take too much police work or psychology to figure out its not true.

  3. Matt says:

    Why can’t my kid be more like this guy …. ? Now I gotta go beat mine again

  4. eric crisler says:

    he knows he wanted it and if he was that up set it means hes bi or gay but you know he didn’t say stop or anything he dont regret it and he only said something case he wanted the attention you know hes bragging to his friends he got laid buy the teacher and now he gets str8 A’s . i hope he used a condom. but was it regular or just oral. why couldn’t i have a teacher do that to me even know im gay still i wouldn’t have passed it up. the dads proud. the mom though is like omg my baby is deflower buy a teacher. my poor baby is ruined. lol lmao. bet he moaned while he was having sex wow no one heard them in the closet. so hot. you know he wanted the topless pics hes a lying sack of poop he wanted it and needed it and hes just saying lies to get attention. she looks like that one girl with the crooked nose that banged bill Clinton i guess Monica or the other chik the 1st one. it still is a big deal its every str8 guys dream in school to bang his teacher. wow.

  5. taylor says:

    Looks like she has an Adams Apple. Maybe she is actually a HE.

  6. El Guapo says:

    I’d hump that shit while wearing a dunce cap!!!!!!

  7. Francis says:

    It is probably just the kid’s mother who is having him say that is was “uncomfortable” for him because she probably wants some kind of settlement money. I can’t possibly think of any 16-year-old boy who wouldn’t fist-bump and high-five all of his friends after this

  8. dave says:

    This guy should get a trophy!

  9. lone wolf says:

    I would go back to the bullshit in highschool to bang her

  10. Zac says:

    She was probably a solid ten when she was younger too. If i said no i would question my sexuality.

  11. jason krause says:

    give her my cell number and she can take my virginity all over again and send me all the pics she wants

  12. Mark says:

    Does she got a big, old rack or what?

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