In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we have a couple stories for you that will prove that it does NOT pay to be nice.  Also, we chat about the 2nd grader who rocked black face when doing a report on MLK. Also, an update on the TRANNY MISS UNIVERSE! And…an overreaction about closed captioning? That’s putting it LIGHTLY!

We talked about this earlier…but check out the kid who was in the 2nd grade, which means the kid was about 8 years old, who did a school project that got him into some trouble.  He did a project on Martin Luther King Jr.  And he decided to PAINT HIS FACE BLACK!  A 2nd grader who rocked the black face?  Check it out and see photos/video by clicking HERE.

Losing an iPhone is the absolute worst. The inconvenience, the expense… Just terrible. So, when a good samaritan gets in touch to let you know she’s found your phone, the appropriate response ought to be gratitude. Right? One Virginia woman would tell you that this is not always the case. Last week while shopping at her local 7-Eleven, the woman, 53, picked up an iPhone that had fallen on the floor. Do-gooder that she is, the woman proceeded to contact the phone’s owners (a man and a woman) and arranged to meet them at a neutral location to make the exchange. Everyone showed up as planned, and the transaction was completed without a hitch. They even gave her a monetary reward. So WHY IN GOD’S NAME did they rush the woman from behind, while she was walking away, throw her to the ground, kick her, and reclaim their cash? WEAK! They are still looking for the a-holes.

We have an update to the story about Tranny Miss Universe……the transgender beauty contestant who was initially disqualified from taking part in the Miss Universe Canada pageant because she wasn’t born female. Tanny Miss Universe Jenna Talackova didn’t win the pageant…..but did take home the title of Miss Congeniality! She made it into the top 12, and shared the title of Miss Congeniality with three other women in voting by the contestants. Jenna was kicked out of the competition in March after having been chosen as one of 65 finalists. After some controversy, officials of the competition, agreed to let her compete. The Miss Universe pageant also later said it would change its rules to allow transgender women to take part in all of its competitions starting in 2013. SEE MORE ABOUT THIS HERE!

It is the number one movie in America. And you can see the Avengers in many different ways. Imax, 3-D, Imax-3-D, digital, real 3-D and for the hearing impaired you can see the movie with closed captioning. That was one of the showings at the Regal theaters yesterday afternoon. But there was one man in the audience movie critic who didn’t want to read the phrase, Hulk smash he just wanted to see it.  The theater staff offered to refund his money but he refused and went back inside and watched the movie. But he still wasn’t satisfied. “Upon conclusion of the movie he comes back out readdress the management still is upset and that time says he would still like to get his refund we already offered that you chose not to and you already watched the movie now that’s the way it has to be he was till very upset he goes over and pulls the fire alarm initiating device. ”  Deputy State Fire Marshall Bruce Bouch says. When the alarms go off all the movies showing in the 14 screen theater stop and the lights come up. HE IS NOW FACING 5 YEARS IN PRISON!  FAIL!

A team of psychologists at Loyola University in New Orleans just released the results of a study, and found people who buy organic foods tended to be BIGGER A-HOLES in other aspects of life. They were less likely to do things like volunteer, hold doors open, more likely to be rude, and had less of a moral objection to stories about lawyers trolling for clients in the ER, or people having sex with their cousins. The researchers think it’s because people who buy organic feel like they’ve already done something GOOD . . . so they can justify acting less morally later. It’s the same effect as someone who works out, then feels like that makes it alright for them to eat a giant piece of cake.

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