So normally on Thursdays we do BITCH BE TRIPPIN…but there have been some many dudes trippin out in the news that we are switching things up.  Ladies…you get a free pass this week. Today, we bring to you, PRICKS BE TRIPPIN!

Ladies…enjoy this….you’re off the hook for today.  Check out the audio from today’s PRICK BE TRIPPIN SEGMENT HERE:

You don’t see many CAT HOARDERS getting married.  And this is probably why. This week in Israel, a man DIVORCED his wife over her cat hoarding.  How many cats are we talking about here?  Try FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY. The man told the divorce court the cats had completely taken over his house. He couldn’t sleep in his bed because it was completely covered in cats.  They blocked his way to the bathroom.  They wouldn’t move off the appliances in the kitchen.  And they jumped on the table and ate his food during meals. The court told the couple to try to resolve things.  But the wife refused to give up even a single cat.  She said she’d rather have the cats than her husband . . . he said he couldn’t live with her and all the cats . . . so the divorce was approved.


A Canadian man was arrested Monday after allegedly cutting up several pairs of his wife’s shoes during an argument.Ontario cops responded to a call about a fight between the couple at their Barrie home.The unnamed heel was reportedly booked for assault and mischief.

Thirty-year-old Angelus Gwynn is in jail on Aggravated Assault charges after what happened at his Memphis home Sunday afternoon. It was between Gwynn and his 34-year-girlfriend Lakisha Cash. The argument was over a car. Police say Gwynn wrapped a heavy tow chain around Cash’s neck and choked her until she passed out. Sheila Hanes lives two doors down and heard what happened when she got home,”They said she was literally on the ground. We had kids all out here and they thought she was dead.  She was laying in the middle of the ground. They thought she was dead.” But it wasn’t over. A witness, who drove up as things got heated, told police while Cash laid unconscious, she saw Gwynn bounce a basketball on her head, as he drank a beer. When his girlfriend came to, the witness says Gwynn wrapped a garden hose around her neck and dragged her to the porch with the hose. Police found the garden hose still in front of the house. They also recovered the tow chain. Angelus Gwynn was arrested for aggravated assault.

Guys . . . ever been in one of those arguments with your girlfriend where you want NOTHING MORE than to bail IMMEDIATELY, just to get away from the fight? On Sunday morning, a 27-year-old guy from Phoenix, Arizona and his girlfriend were both passengers in a friend’s 1995 Chevy pickup.  And they were having a HUGE fight. The guy decided he just couldn’t take it anymore . . . so, to avoid the argument, he decided to open the door and JUMP OUT of the moving pickup. There’s no word how fast the truck was going when he bailed . . . but it DIDN’T go smoothly.  The man suffered LIFE-THREATENING INJURIES, and he’s currently in the hospital in critical condition. The friend who was driving was sober at the time, and isn’t facing any charges.  There’s no word on what the guy and his girlfriend were arguing about.

So you’re hammered at a birthday party, and your fiancée starts making out with another woman.  Is your first thought, “I just have to play it cool and I can turn this into a threesome?”  It SHOULD be. Unfortunately, 40-year-old John Vincenti of Ferndale, Michigan, had the exact opposite reaction.  Back in March, he and his 35-year-old fiancée were drunk at her birthday party, when she made out with another woman.  And he was FURIOUS. So he PUNCHED her.  Seriously. That sparked a BRAWL.  The 42-year-old woman who’d been kissing his fiancée grabbed a FRYING PAN and hit John.  Then he wrestled it away from her and used it to hit HER 38-year-old boyfriend.  Then, glass bottles started flying. The fiancée actually refused to cooperate with the police when they got there . . . she told them, quote, “I don’t want to throw him under the bus.” John was arrested anyway, and was just charged with misdemeanor assault, resisting, and felony obstruction.  He could get two years in prison.

Yong Hyun Kim’s cinematic experience of “Titanic 3D” was being constantly interrupted by a group of rowdy people behind him. After the 21-year-old’s polite requests for them to be quiet led to only jeers and the throwing of popcorn, he turned around in his seat, proclaimed “I paid a lot of money to see this movie” and slapped his tormentor so hard that the kid got a nosebleed and lost a tooth. Kim claims he didn’t know it was only a ten-year-old that drove him to such violent rage (it’s dark in a movie theater, after all). He was arrested and could now face months of jail time if he’s found guilty of the felony charge of second-degree assault.

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    Yong Hyun Kim deserves a medal instead of criminal charges. Where the hell were that 10-year-old’s parents, anyway? Either completely absent or – worse still – fine with him acting like a little douchecopter.

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