Today, Woody got all of his stuff at his QT paid for by some random stranger this morning.  This led us to finding some of the just REALLY TRULY good news stories. 


46-year-old Adriana Allen of Boca Raton, Florida pulled up to an ATM drive-thru on Saturday to make a withdrawal.   Before putting her card in, she noticed that there was ALREADY cash in the machine.  $1,800 was dangling from the slot that dispenses money. And a LOT of people would probably say “withdrawal accomplished”, pocket the cash, and drive off.  But not Adriana.  She said, quote, “The guy up there was testing me,” and decided NOT to keep the money.  First she tried to shove it back into the cash slot.  When that didn’t work, she took the money to police and turned it in, so they could find the owner.  She said, quote, “You don’t know.  Maybe they need it for groceries or have a sick child.  You don’t know.”Police are still trying to track down the money’s rightful owner.

Last year, five recent college graduates got together and decided to travel the country in search of good news.   They got a blue school bus . . . which they call Bus 52 . . . and set off.  Their goal was to hit all 48 states in the Continental U.S. in 52 weeks. They’re collecting two inspirational stories in each state, and posting five-minute documentaries about each one on their website,  Check out some of the stories they’ve highlighted so far . . . They found a charity in Texas that drives people to their chemotherapy appointment in a Rolls Royce . . . and a homeless shelter in Kansas where people sit at tables and order from waiters, instead of walking through a buffet line. They also checked out a charity in Tennessee that recycles flower bouquets from weddings, funerals, and grocery stores, and gives them to lonely patients at hospitals and nursing homes.  And they found two guys in Florida who hang hand-painted swings in random places . . . like a swing from a swing set . . .  just to start conversation and make people feel better.  The bus just left Utah and is on its way to Nevada.

On April 17th, federal wildlife agents saw a 40-ton gray whale stuck in three fishing buoys off the coast of Northern California.  They named the whale June, but they couldn’t untangle her from the fishing line.   Then last Thursday, June was spotted again, about 67 miles north of San Francisco.   This time it was by Captain Mark Anello and his crew, on the Point Ommaney crab-fishing boat.   They pulled up next to June, who was almost as long as their 48-foot boat.  She was nervous at first, but calmed down while they used 12-foot-long bamboo poles with metal hooks on the end to untangle the lines.   It took about 90 minutes, but they managed to set June free.  A federal marine biologist said that what Mark and his crew did was dangerous and illegal, but they decided not to press charges since they were good Samaritans.

Last Tuesday, six-year-old Elspeth “Beanie” Mar was eating lunch in the cafeteria of the Caroline Wenzel Elementary School in Sacramento, California when she noticed another girl was having trouble.   Aniyah Rigmaiden began choking on an apple slice.  She grabbed her throat and turned red, and Elspeth leapt into action.  She gave Aniyah the Heimlich maneuver and got her breathing again.  When she was asked how she knew what to do, Elspeth said she learned the Heimlich from a show on the Disney Channel called “The A.N.T. Farm”.   Producers of the show found out about the story, and are bringing Elspeth, Aniyah, and another boy in the class to Los Angeles to watch them film an episode.

32-year-old Claire Lomas has become the first paralyzed person to run a marathon.   She started the London marathon on Sunday, April 22nd, using something called a Re-Walk suit.  It’s a bionic suit that costs $70,000, and moves a person’s legs by reading tiny changes in their balance to figure out what they want to do.   That was a couple weeks ago, but we’re not late in bringing you the story.  It’s just that the Re-Walk suit doesn’t go very fast.   Claire was able to go about two miles a day, and on Tuesday, she finished the race, two weeks and two days after she started.

Rankin Paynter owns a jewelry-exchange store in Winchester, Kentucky, which means that all day long, needy people bring in their old jewelry to sell for cash.  And he recently realized how bad he felt that so many people had fallen on hard times.  So when the local K-mart had a going-out-of-business sale, he decided to do something. He asked a clerk what happened to all the stuff that was left over when the store closed for good.  It turns out, it’s either sent to different stores, or sold in bulk to people known as “power buyers”, who then sell them to Dollar Stores.  So Rankin signed up to be the power buyer for the K-mart, and bought ALL the remaining inventory.  It took four registers, six hours, and $200,000, but Rankin bought the contents of the ENTIRE K-mart, which he donated to charity.

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