BEST OF THE W.A.R WEEK (05/21 – 05/25)

Check out the BEST OF THE WEEK W.A.R BLOG AND PODCAST! This is the place where you can find everything you missed on this week’s shows.  Like the craziest video we have seen this year from Courtney Stodden.  A YOU MAKE THE CALL question about a teacher banging a student, and of course all of your favorites like the Freak of the Week, Headline Hooshe Story of the Week, and some REALLY amazing recipes for you to try out this Memorial Day Weekend!  DON’T MISS IT!  Get all caught up with pictures, videos, and audio by clicking


This honestly could old the title of “The WTF Video of the Year . . . So Far” 17-year-old “teen bride” COURTNEY STODDEN has posted a video of herself pretending to be a CAT on YouTube. And it’s freakin’ bizarre. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

It’s official: KRISTEN WIIG is not coming back to “Saturday Night Live” next season. This isn’t a huge shock . . . she’s been on for seven seasons, and there’s been a lot of talk recently that she’s ready to move on. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE 

A new documentary called “Mansome” comes out in select theatres this weekend…..It’s by Morgan Spurlock . . . the guy from “Super Size Me” . . . and it’s about the rising popularity of “manscaping”. A lot more guys are willing to do it now, because they know women like it. But we’re pretty clueless about HOW to manscape. So asked WOMEN what men should shave and what they shouldn’t. CHECK OUT THE RULES HERE


A staffing company asked 1,300 businesses for the craziest excuses they’d heard from employees who quit. And the highlights include a person who quit because the office building was too ugly . . . a guy who quit because he just couldn’t wake up in the morning . . . and a guy who quit because he felt like he was making too much money. SEE THE FULL LIST HERE

Last October, an anonymous letter was sent to a High School in Osceola, Florida, saying that a 28-year-old teacher named Kacy Wilson had been involved sexually with one of her students. The cops were called and the student in question copped to what happened. Read the DETAILS and see the picture and see if you think this chick is GUILTY or NOT GUILTY! READ ALL THE DETAILS HERE

Today is the day that Facebook is going public. . . . releasing shares of the company. But before you go getting yourself too excited……..there are some things you should know. CLICK HERE TO LEARN SUMPTHIN!


In April, a 29-year-old woman named Lauren Odes was working as a temp at a lingerie store . . . and her supervisors told her she was TOO HOT and said she should TAPE DOWN her breasts. The store’s owners are religious, and apparently didn’t like her form-fitting clothing, so they fired her after a week. CLICK HERE FOR PICS/VOTING

If you’re still not tired of seeing the KARDASHIAN girls posing together in lingerie, this one’s for you. CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTO

So today we need your help in picking the DOUCHEBAG OF THE DAY. Will it be nominee #1) The man in the army who recently was killed…only to have his two wives find out about each other at his funeral. #2) The man who had 30 kids with 11 baby mama’s who is looking for help with child support. OR #3) Who got caught parking in a handicap spot and responded to the reporter with, “Eff You, I hope you get Aids!” READ THE STORIES AND VOTE!

“Maxim” magazine released its annual Hot 100 list yesterday . . . and LEONARDO DICAPRIO’S ex-girlfriend BAR REFAELI tops it. Speaking of ladies Leo’s been all up in, BLAKE LIVELY made it to #13, but GISELE BUNDCHEN failed to make the cut. CLICK FOR THE PICS

We don’t know where this happened, but if you want to see the world’s worst parents, check out this video! A couple put their toddler in a front-loading WASHING MACHINE . . . apparently just to mess with him. But they didn’t realize that when they shut the door, it would lock and the wash cycle would start. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO 

A well-meaning second grader in Colorado ran into trouble when he came to school for a history project dressed as Martin Luther King Jr. . . .complete with ‘black face’. SEE THE VIDEO & READ MORE HERE

Ok… awhile back we told you all about Jenna Talackova, who was born a boy but underwent hormone therapy at 14 and gender reassignment surgery at 19, was disqualified from participating in the Miss Universe Canada pageant after judges found out she was not a “naturally born female, despite reaching the finals of the competition. WE’VE GOT AN UPDATE TO THE STORY! CLICK HERE FOR MORE


Hurdler LORI “LOLO” JONES is probably going to become a star at the London Olympics . . . mainly because she’s HOT. But at 29 years old, she’s got something else going for her: She’s a VIRGIN. On last night’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel”, she said, quote, “It’s something, a gift I want to give my husband.” CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME PICS OF HER

A 34-year-old congressional candidate in Mexico felt like her campaign wasn’t going well, so she decided to POSE TOPLESS for billboards. They feature a black-and-white photo of her and six female supporters, ALL TOPLESS, and partially covering their breasts with their right arms. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT 

Boob Watch 2012 continues…….today with some bouncing boob video of Lindsay Lohan and Rizzuto’s dream girl Kate Upton. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEOS

Check out this video that’s been floating around online of a Korean woman explaining how to say the phrase, “Do you have Coke” . . . as in Coca-Cola. But her accent is really thick, so instead of “Coke,” she keeps saying something else……. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LESSON

MAYOR FRED was in the building for the reading of the FREAKS! Check out the four ads that we have found on Craigslist and find out who will become the this weeks FREAK OF THE WEEK! Hear Fred read these nominees and then click the link to see who won this week and now qualifies for the Jerry Sandusky Memorial Trophy! ALL YOUR FREAKS HERE…READ ON!

Today’s Drive By Whoring is for Lucy who was hot and heavy and was talking marriage when her dude wanted to take a step back. And then he caught her mouth partying his best friend. Plus, she stole from him, and even sold his shoes! WEAK! We’re gonna light this bitch up good! CHECK OUT THE FULL WHORING HERE! 

The latest lottery fiasco is going down in Chicago. Coworkers from a bakery won $118 MILLION, and three others are now suing, saying they deserve a share. Those other three didn’t contribute, but DID throw in the week before when the group won $9. And THAT money went toward the winning ticket. READ THE DETAILS AND MAKE YOUR VOTE HERE

A CHINESE immigrant who beheaded and cannibalised a Canadian bus passenger in front of horrified travellers four years ago spoke out for the first time, saying he believed his victim was an alien. CHECK OUT THE UPDATE HERE


Has KATE UPTON in a bikini gotten old for you yet? Me, either. Here she is modeling some swimsuits for………ahh f**K it….who cares.…on with the pictures! **BONUS** there’s a new VIDEO to share with you as well. CLICK HERE! IT’S JO TIME!

It’s not clear how ANYONE allowed this picture to be taken, but BILL CLINTON posed with two PORNO STARS during an event at a casino in Monte Carlo. To be fair, Bill may not even have known what any of these ladies do for a living. Or maybe he’s in the “Screw it, why should I care anymore?” phase of his life. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICTURE 

Here’s a video of a second-rate journalist in Romania reporting on a sandstorm…..and here’s why he sucks: Apparently he and his camera crew were late getting on location, so they tried to RECREATE the sandstorm. At one point, the camera pans over, and you can see someone kicking sand up in the air. FAIL! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

Yesterday in England, a 42-year-old stuntman named Gary Connery became the first person to land safely after skydiving from 2,400 feet WITHOUT a parachute. Obviously he didn’t just JUMP, he had a wingsuit on. So he glided in. And he landed on a 350-foot-long row of 18,600 cardboard boxes. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO 

Today, Woody got all of his stuff at his QT paid for by some random stranger this morning. This led us to finding some of the just REALLY TRULY good news stories. TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD! RIGHT HERE!

So as you know, most of the time when it’s a HAPPY HAPPY STORY it’s a really tragic, terribly sad story just read over happy music. Well, with today’s HAPPY HAPPY STORY…we ask you guys to find the SILVER LINING in the story as well! CHECK IT ALL OUT HERE

So normally on Thursdays we do BITCH BE TRIPPIN…but there have been some many dudes trippin out in the news that we are switching things up. Ladies…you get a free pass this week. Today, we bring to you, PRICKS BE TRIPPIN! CHECK IT ALL OUT HERE

MAYOR FRED was in the building for the reading of the FREAKS! Check out the four ads that we have found on Craigslist and find out who will become the this weeks FREAK OF THE WEEK! Hear Fred read these nominees and then click the link to see who won this week and now qualifies for the Jerry Sandusky Memorial Trophy! ALL YOUR FREAKS HERE…READ ON! 

The Texas State Fair has introduced to the Deep Fried Coca-Cola and Deep Fried Twinkies and Oreos. But, guess what…now they are rocking something that seriously will give you a food-boner! DEEP FRIED GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! DELICIOUSLY CLICK HERE!


Today’s Dumbass Contest is Made Up or Mobster. The game is simple – we give you a mob name and you have to tell us if it’s made up or if it’s a deal to real mobster name. CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE GAME AT HOME!


Ladies – A while back we asked you would you rather have giant cans or a huge IQ? Also – a Ninja emailed in about a dilema that he has been having with his wife…..Today we have one from a wife asking if we think kissing is more intimate than sex READ MORE HERE!


Today’s Drive By Whoring is for Lucy who was hot and heavy and was talking marriage when her dude wanted to take a step back.  And then he caught her mouth partying his best friend.  Plus, she stole from him, and even sold his shoes! WEAK! We’re gonna light this bitch up good! CHECK OUT THE FULL WHORING HERE!

Today’s Sports has us chatting the Cardinals, and the streaker from last night. A great website to check out about Albert.  Some NBA and NHL playoffs and a interesting WEBSITE about BASEBALL FACTS ALL SPORTS HERE!


Today – we chat about your Friday Fail Stories and holy crap do we have a TON of them.  Some really dumb criminal fails, and you have to hear the audio of the kids in High School who have NO CLUE about ANYTHING! FULL FAIL CONTINUES HERE

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and you need to do some hardcore grillin’.  We have the dudes from Grillin’ coming in this morning to give you guys the best tips and ideas for grilling!  Wow – check out their website for ideas and VIDEO recipes.  It’s seriously amazing.  GET RECIPES AND HEAR THE SEGMENT HERE

We all love Donald Fandango! He’s the greatest! But sometimes Donnie just needs an outlet to UNLOAD before he rolls a grenade down the hallway and takes us all out. We give him the opportunity to come on the show and just unload with Donnie’s Week in Rage! Check it out here! Continue reading →


PLEASE STOP THIS….We changed the clocks this weekend, so . . . TODAY IS AWFUL (Insert Sarcasm Here).  Here are three reasons why this time change is the WORST, and it’s all because of sleep deprivation:  It leads to more accidents in traffic and at the workplace . . . it leads to more heart attacks . . . and it leads to today being an extremely unproductive day at work. FULL STORY HERE

We had a story back in March that introduced us to a man who was arrested…for kicking his cat…through some uprights.  It was one of our favorite news stories this year so far.  Check out the audio and listen to the man “RANDOMLY YELLING AT CATS” BY CLICKING HERE





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