Today – we chat about your Friday Fail Stories and holy crap do we have a TON of them.  Some really dumb criminal fails, and you have to hear the audio of the kids in High School who have NO CLUE about ANYTHING!


Listen to the AUDIO and check out the questions from the Olympia, Washington High School Students answering questions about America.  FAIL FAIL FAIL!

Last week in Boston, it was around 6AM in the morning with a woman named Judy.  She heard someone pounding on her door outside.  She glanced out the door and saw a chainsaw cutting through it and then SWAT kicked the door down.  After about 30 minutes – the FBI team noticed….they had the wrong house.  Her apartment was 2R…They were looking for someone in 2F…FAIL!

A woman in Australia who was a big time advocate of home births…died after the delivery ofg her 2nd child at home.  Why?  She didn’t receive the proper medical attention in time!  FAIL!

AN 18 year old from Bolivia was out on the river with some friends when he thought it’d be HILARIOUS to jump out of his canoe into the river.  He was attacked by PIRANHAS!  He DIED!  FAIL!

A thief in Germany broke into a station wagon and stole a box.  What was inside of it?! SEVEN WOODEN PENISES and CONDOMS!  They stole a box from a sex ed teacher.  FAIL!

A man in Chicago was speeding down a toll road in his GMC truck and rear ended a car.  After this happened – the dude stripped naked and walked down the roadway and was smashed by a van and DIED!  FAIL!

A 42 year old dude in New Mexico had a fake strobe light and loved to fake pull people over.  Accidentally pulled over an undercover cop and was ARRESTED!  FAIL!

A 22 year old dude from Wisconsin smacked a female officer on the ass and said, “good job.”  Then he walked up to a dude cop and did the same – and the cop took him to the ground and arrested him for 4th degree sexual assault!  FAIL….you AHOLE!

A man in Florida was in court last week for drug charges – and he took off and ran out of the courthouse and jumped into a river.  One problem.  He can’t swim! A cop on a boat pulled him out and he was taken to the hospital.  FAIL!

A 17 year old from Jersey ran to a car with a gun and told the drive to GET OUT.  It was an undercover cop.  The two exchanged fire and the guy took off.  He carjacked a car and it crashed and the carjacker flew out the front windshield.  AND DIED!



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