Gallup just released its annual poll on where Americans stand on controversial issues.  Turns out we have the LEAST moral objection to birth control.  Other things most people don’t have moral problems with are divorce, gambling, and fur.  On the other end, adultery was picked as the least morally acceptable issue, along with human cloning, polygamy, and suicide.

Gallup just published its annual poll to figure out America’s moral compass.  And it’s always fascinating. Birth control has been a VERY hot issue in 2012.  At least for politicians trying to get attention . . . because according to this survey, REAL people DON’T CARE.

89% of people surveyed said using birth control is morally acceptable . . . that’s the highest score of anything on the list.  Only 8% said it was morally wrong.  That’s a difference of 81%.

The other controversial things we’re most okay with are divorce, with 67% saying it’s acceptable . . . gambling, at 64% . . . wearing fur, at 60% . . . stem cell research, at 58% . . . and the death penalty, also at 58%.

On the other end, we have the biggest problem with ADULTERY.  Only a very European 7% of people say it’s morally acceptable to cheat on your husband or wife . . . 89% say it’s wrong.  That 82% difference is the biggest split on the list.

The other things we’re least okay with are HUMAN CLONING, with only 10% saying it’s morally acceptable . . . polygamy, at 11% . . . and suicide, at 14%.

Now . . . as for the issues that got the CLOSEST voting.  Just like last year, doctor-assisted suicide is the thing that Americans are most divided on.  45% say it’s morally acceptable, 48% say it’s not.  That 3% split is the closest on the list.

Having a baby outside of marriage has a 12% difference . . . 54% say it’s okay, 42% say it’s not.

Gay and lesbian relations also has a 12% difference, with 54% saying it’s morally acceptable, 42% saying it’s not.

And abortion has a 13% difference, with 38% saying it’s morally acceptable, and 51% saying it’s not.

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  1. Will Wenzel says:

    holy crazy woman on your reading/audio comprehension >.>

  2. Which is what I did. I was having fertility issues and time was the problem. Recently divorced from my abusive husband, not having “the right man” in my life but not wanting to miss out on the opportunity of having a child I chose, as a single woman, to use a sperm donor and have a child on my own. My point to you guys was that not every woman does this to produce a “fashion accessory”. It was an extremly difficult decision however produced beautiful results. My comments were mostly in jest and unfortunately my humor must’ve gotten lost in text. I just wanted let you know it’s not fashion that directs most of us to this extreme decision.

  3. Listening to you guys yesterday during my drive to work you were having your “normal by the numbers” discussion. I must say I am utterly stunned that you 3 guys in general felt it was more morally acceptable to take a life (abortion and death penalty) rather than to bring one into this world using a sperm donor. I’m not sounding off about the typically “hot” topics here as I agree they should be morally acceptable however I am writing you this just to inform you that not every person who decides to “go it alone” is having a child to gain a “fashion accessory”. Just because I haven’t found the person I’d like to spend my life with/ procreate with doesn’t me fertility was afforded to me infinately. I could’ve pulled the goalie on some douche/s I used to date but I didn’t want to unfairly trap them for my interests and desires. Yes, it is difficult at times and I often say, “there is a reason God made it so that it takes two to have a child”. Just because you all can’t keep it together while your toddler misbehaves and have to rely on your spouse/ partner to take over so you can compose yourself does not give valid reason that this is so morally unacceptable. THEREFORE I SAY SUCK IT!!! 🙂 Now, can you please cheer me up so I don’t feel like my moral compass is pointing due South and play my favorite song for my (36th) birthday (true story) Queensryche-Silent Lucidity.

    • war1057 says:

      Tish, both myself and Rizz said we would never morally agree with Abortion if it came to OUR choice. But, if someone else wanted to do it that was fine. And we never mentioned anything about sperm donors. We said we do not morally agree with HUMAN CLONING. Nothing was said about Sperm Donors. May want to listen to the audio again. — Patrico

      • You may want to listen to the audio again!! One of you three said you did not agree with a person using a sperm donor to gain a “fashion accessory” while another went on to describe how your child was driving you insane this past weekend and you had to pass him/her off to your wife!! Seriously!! I swear!
        I know you two of you said abortion wasn’t for you however you found it acceptable for someone else to utilize this resource. I feel the exact same way!
        One thing I did forget to mention is I do love you guys and you always bring laughter to my life every morning I listen, thank you! Have a great day!

      • war1057 says:

        Woody was referring to SINGLE WOMEN who go and get pregnant just because they want a kid. Not women who can’t have children that are married and just aren’t able to get pregnant. That’s the “fashion accessory” reference. — Patrico

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