SHOW BLOG for TUESDAY, May 29th 2012

With today’s FULL SHOW blog tons of really gross things to check out.  I mean, a chef in China cooked his own genitalia.  Sexy.  A dude ate a mans face off.  And a dude…went into to get a kidney stone removed…and had found out he’s a she.  Oofah.  Plus we have today’s GOOD NEWS, some THAT SUCKS STORIES (where we try to find the silver lining) and we play Press Your Luck!  Plus today’s CRAPPY BDAYS, PORNO BIRTHDAY, and a BONUS local HEADLINE HOOSHE STORY!  Get all caught up


It’s Tuesday…AND it’s the return after a long holiday weekend.  So it double sucks.  Maybe you are thinking your life isn’t so great right now.  Well, after reading these stories – you may change your mind.  We also open the phones and try and get some help from you guys…just TRY and find the silver lining! CHECK OUT ALL THE THAT SUCKS/SILVER LINING STUFF HERE


Gallup just released its annual poll on where Americans stand on controversial issues.  Turns out we have the LEAST moral objection to birth control.  Other things most people don’t have moral problems with are divorce, gambling, and fur.  On the other end, adultery was picked as the least morally acceptable issue, along with human cloning, polygamy, and suicide. SEE THE RESULTS HERE


Check out this picture. It’s a woman “PERFORMING” on a guy as he drives through traffic on a highway outside New York City . . . and it seems pretty clear what she’s doing.  Notice: The girl is still wearing her seatbelt, and they put the visor down in a feeble attempt at privacy. CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTO

A newspaper in Connecticut called the “Register Citizen” ran a typo on Saturday, but it’s just making the rounds now. The paper was talking about the Boston Celtics – Philadelphia 76ers NBA playoff series, and used the headline, quote, “Sixers Tie It Up Again as Series Shifts to Boston.”  Only they forgot the “f” in “shifts.”  Whoops! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE HEADLINE

22-year-old Mao Sugiyama is a chef in Tokyo, and he says he’s ASEXUAL . . . he has no interest in sex.  To the extent that he didn’t even feel like he needed his junk anymore. So he did something perfectly rational.  He had his entire package surgically removed . . . then held a BANQUET where he cooked and served his own genitalia as a gourmet meal. OH YEAH…..THERE ARE PHOTOS

Bruschi is a black and white Boston Terrier in Grapevine, Texas.  His owner is 18-year-old Victoria Reed, and she just got him certified by the people at Guinness World Records as the dog with the WORLD’S LARGEST EYES. Bruschi’s eyes are 1.1 inches in diameter.  CLICK HERE TO SEE A PICTURE

About five years ago, 40-year-old Steve Crecelius of Denver, Colorado had a KIDNEY STONE and went to the hospital.  And he got a fascinating diagnosis:  “Yes, it’s a kidney stone . . . and by the way, you’re actually a WOMAN.” That’s right.  Turns out Steve is intersex . . . that’s the modern term for hermaphrodite. He had working male genitalia on the outside, and FEMALE sex organs on the inside that he never knew about.  CLICK HERE TO SEE PICS OF THE HE/SHE


Tons of good feedback from last week’s THE GOOD NEWS segment.  Seriously, we have TONS of negative stories…but sometimes we just want to hit you with some TRULY GOOD NEWS!  We have a couple more GOOD NEWS stories by CLICKIN’ HERE FOR THE GOOD!

So this story had WOODY all fired up over the weekend.  His exact words was, “It’s bitches because of this that ruin it for the rest of women that this actually happens to.  Gypsy, shyster, conniving bitches! Read the story and you be the judge.  Continue reading →


An 80-year-old woman went skydiving… was her birthday….and because her harness wasn’t on tight enough and she almost slipped out of it in MID-AIR. It was a tandem jump, because she had never gone before.  And the instructor who was with her had to hang onto her to keep her from falling. Apparently it happened last year, but the video just popped up online.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO


In today’s SPORTS REPORT we chat about the Cardinals. some NBA finals and NHL finals getting underway this week.  The French Open (yawn) kicked off.  And, we have some news about RACING!  Plus, quite possibly the BEST baseball catch in the history of the game…and we have VIDEO of it.  You be the judge. FULL SPORTS REPORT HERE

Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE introduces us to a dude who got busted with Child Porn in Florida.  But, guess what – it gets better.  His GF works at the Humane Society.  And our HOOSHE friend had images on his phone of him boning….her DOG! ALL HOOSHE NEWS HERE

We don’t cover many obituaries, but how could we pass this one up? We are sad to report that a man in Alton, whose legal name was LED ZEPPELIN TWO has died…he was 63. According to his obituary, quote, “[he] climbed the Stairway to Heaven.” GOOOO! CHECK OUT THE OBIT HERE

Today’s DUMBASS CONTEST is PRESS YOUR LUCK! We give you a question – you try and answer. If you get it right – HUZZAH! Prize! If you get it wrong…you have to suffer all the doodie and dong pics because we give out your phone number on the AIR! PLAY THE GAME HERE

Today’s DISCOUNT NEWS IS ALL ABOUT WTF STORIES. There is just no other way to categorize these stories but by saying, “WTF?!” How about a guy cooking up his package, a dude finding out he’s a she, and a naked dude eats someones FACE! Continue reading →

Today’s CRAP ON CELEBS has us chatting about Justin Bieber and how the cops are currently looking to talk to him.  Plus, another VEGAS LEGEND is accused of some random man groping.  Plus tons more including your CRAPPY BDAYS and PORNO BIRTHDAY! ALL CRAP ON HERE







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