It’s Tuesday…AND it’s the return after a long holiday weekend.  So it double sucks.  Maybe you are thinking your life isn’t so great right now.  Well, after reading these stories – you may change your mind.  We also open the phones and try and get some help from you guys…just TRY and find the silver lining!


A girl in northern China was walking down the street talking on her cell phone recently . . . when the sidewalk suddenly CAVED IN, and she fell about 15 feet. A cab driver saw it happen, and climbed down to help her.  Apparently she was unconscious when he got there.  The fire department ended up having to use a ladder to get them both out, and a security camera caught it all on video. Authorities say water had eroded the ground under the sidewalk and created a huge pit. 

Detroit police told groundskeeper John Chevilott that he did the right thing by turning in a loaded handgun he found while mowing lawns earlier this month. But his employers at the Wayne County Department of Public Services felt differently and fired him for violating department policies. Chevilott told the station that he and his crew were mowing lawns in on May 3 when they discovered a loaded snub-nosed revolver hidden in some weeds. He called police to come pick up the gun, but when they didn’t show, he took it home and drove it to his local police department. Officers discovered that the weapon had been stolen in 2005 from a town about 25 miles away and  commended Chevilott for handing it over to police. But supervisors felt that he had violated a Department of Public Services policy forbidding employees from possessing weapons on work property and fired him, in addition to suspending his foreman for 30 days. SUCKS!

A 22-year-old Swede undergoing surgery for a collapsed lung was shocked to find himself waking up while under the knife and unable to communicate with the surgeons. “It was terrible, my worst nightmare,” the patient, from Växjö in southern Sweden. The man went under the knife in late March, suffering from a collapsed lung. He was fully sedated, but fifteen minutes into the surgery increased energy in his brain was registered and he had a coughing reflex. Soon after that he became aware of his surroundings and of the pain of the procedure.  The man wrote in his report to the National Board of Health and Welfare that he could hear the doctors and nurses speaking and that the pain became more and more intense. “My brain kept telling me over and over ‘say your name, say something, do something, wiggle your toes’ but I was completely incapable of saying something or moving my body at all,” the patient wrote.  He was awake for some 30-35 minutes of the 50 minute procedure. When he woke again, he was in serious pain and very angry. Despite having been promised a spinal anesthetic to relieve some of the pain, this had not been administered.

An employee of Asplundh Tree Service cutting trees and brush along SR 322 sustained a serious throat injury this morning when he fell on a running chain saw. Kevin B. Murphy, age 49, Manchester (York County), was transported to Hershey Medical Center by First Aid & Safety Patrol ambulance. Police and EMS personnel were dispatched at 8:49 AM to SR 322, approx. ½ miles east of SR 72. Murphy was working approx. 20 feet up a steep embankment when he slipped and landed on the chain saw.

THIS IS LONG BUT HILARIOUS: Princess Cruises is conducting an internal investigation after the captain of one of their ships reportedly ignored a passenger’s report of a distress signal and continued on course, rather than coming to the rescue of a stranded Panamanian fishing vessel. Two of the fishing boat’s three crew members later died of dehydration — just one day after the encounter with the cruise ship. READ IT ALL HERE

According to reports, 27-year-old Lenami Godinez-Avila and her boyfriend David were at Mount Woodside in the Fraser Valley waiting for their turn to fly in tandem with an instructor on a hang-glider. The couple was there after David purchased hang-gliding lessons as part of their anniversary celebrations. Both got suited up and Godinez-Avila was paired with Jon Orders, an instructor with 16 years experience. She went before David, who was filming the event, but witnesses say that immediately after taking off they could tell something was not right. Normally when flying with an instructor, you are beside them, strapped into a harness that was hooked to the glider. But in this case, Godinez-Avila was hanging vertically with her feet dangling. She used her upper body to hold on at first, before getting Orders into a bear hug as he tried to wrap his legs around her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t hold on.

A man who elected to have a penile implant in a Florida hospital is now suing his doctor after a post-surgical infection resulted in the amputation of his organ. Enrique Milla, 65, who was reportedly deported from the United States last year back to his native Peru, has been testifying in court via Skype that the medical procedure robbed him of his dignity and manhood. In a medical malpractice trial that began this week, Milla claims that his doctors should have known that he was not a good candidate for the procedure because of his diabetes and high blood pressure.

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  1. Greg says:

    If you fall in a big hole in China, you end up in the United States!

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