Today’s CRAP ON CELEBS has us chatting about Justin Bieber and how the cops are currently looking to talk to him.  Plus, another VEGAS LEGEND is accused of some random man groping.  Plus tons more including your CRAPPY BDAYS and PORNO BIRTHDAY!

This is not a sentence I ever thought I would utter . . . but JUSTIN BIEBER is being accused of PUTTING A GUY IN THE HOSPITAL. Justin and SELENA GOMEZ were at a mall on Sunday.  As they were heading to their car, a paparazzi scumbag tried to take their picture. A scuffle ensued, and the photographer called 911.  By the time police got there, Justin and Selena were gone.  But the guy was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was treated for pain to his upper torso. Police are investigating, and they want to talk to Justin and Selena. Now here’s what witnesses had to say about the incident:  The guy was blocking Justin’s car and he asked him to move.  When he wouldn’t, Justin got out of his car and that’s when things got physical. But get this:  A lawyer who just happened to be on the scene walked up to the photographer after Justin left and advised him that he could make a nice wad of cash if he called an ambulance and filed a police report. Before you ask, there’s no word exactly how the fight . . . or whatever it was . . . went down.  Even with all these witnesses, there don’t seem to be any details. But we do have some PICTURES . . . and it does look like Justin got into a physical altercation with the guy.  Justin even loses his hat . . . and a shoe. Did Justin throw a shoe at the guy?  Who throws a shoe? He also has a BAD-ASS look on his face. Check out the Police report by CLICKING THE PICTURE BELOW.

Back in 2003, Vegas legend ROY HORN of SIEGFRIED & ROY was almost killed in a vicious WHITE TIGER ATTACK.  But it sounds like he’s back to his old self . . . and then some. According to TMZ, someone is shopping a video that shows Roy groping and grabbing three of his physical therapists.  TMZ even claims to have seen the video . . . and their account is pretty crazy. Here’s some of what they reported: While one man is helping Roy to the bathroom, Roy, quote, “shoves his hand into the man’s butt crack in an aggressive manner.” On another trip to the bathroom, Roy, quote, “thrusts his rear end into the male caretaker’s crotch.” In separate clips, Roy grabs the genitals of two of his caretakers. Roy puts his hand up one guy’s shirt and tweaks his nipples.  The guy, quote, “appears to writhe in pain.” Roy also forcibly kisses one of them on the mouth. Roy is still undergoing rehab to strengthen his left side since the attack . . . but the men say his right side is, quote, “extremely strong.” All three of the men say they’re straight, and they’re suing Roy in civil court.  They went to the cops recently, but the video was shot in 2010, and they were told the statute of limitations had run out. Meanwhile . . . Roy is reportedly threatening to SUE the therapist who’s trying to sell the tape if he doesn’t turn it over to Roy immediately. Roy’s lawyers say he signed a confidentiality agreement before he was hired, and publicizing the tape breaches the contract.

Former “Sex and the City” minx CYNTHIA NIXON married her ALMOST IMPOSSIBLY SEXY girlfriend Christine Marinoni on Sunday in New York.  They didn’t release any other details. Cynthia and Christine have been dating since 2004.  In February of 2011, Christine gave birth to their son Max.  There’s no word on the father (slash) donor. Cynthia’s new bride is ONE HANDSOME WOMAN! ENLARGE THE PHOTO BY CLICKING ON IT!  OOOOFAH!

CHARLIZE THERON doesn’t have a man in her life, but that doesn’t mean she’s a single mom to her adopted baby boy Jackson.  Because her TWO DOGS are helping her raise him. On “Ellen” last week, Charlize said her dogs, a terrier mix named Berkley, and a pit bull named Blue, took to Jackson right away. She said, quote, “It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed.  From the moment this baby came into our home, those two dogs have never been more in love.  People keep saying, ‘Oh you’re a single mom,’ and I’m like, ‘Actually I’m not!’ “The pit woke up with me for every feed, for every change, and whenever the baby would cry, the pit would start crying.  He’ll do anything for that baby.”

The WWE has suspended CHRIS JERICHO for desecrating a Brazilian flag during a match in Sao Paolo last week. Jericho’s opponent was CM PUNK, who had brought the flag to the ring.  Jericho grabbed the flag, crumpled it up, dropped it on the ground and then KICKED it. The match was then stopped, and Brazilian police threatened to ARREST Jericho unless he apologized . . . which he did. The WWE suspended Jericho for 30 days, and he’s cool with that.  Jericho is a bad guy, and obviously, he was just trying to get the crowd worked up.  But he realizes he went too far.

SHARON OSBOURNE has spent some time with HOWARD STERN on “America’s Got Talent” . . . and in an interview on “Anderson” today, she says he’s “a lot of fun,” but he’s also “quite odd.” She says he meditates for 20 minutes every day at noon . . . “only” eats fish and “smelly vegetables” . . . and he’s so serious about not allowing anyone in his dressing room that he has “two big bodyguards” stationed outside of it. Also, this just in…..Rizzuto is OUT on America’s Got Talent. He joins the growing list of people (including Woody) who just can’t take it anymore

AMBER PORTWOOD BACK IN CUSTODY: The Teen Mom star was taken to the Madison County jail after telling the judge she would rather serve prison time than finish out the court-ordered rehab program.

The media seems determined to hook up America’s two SUPER-VIRGINS, TIM TEBOW and Olympic hurdler LORI “LOLO” JONES.  There were even reports that Tim’s Jets teammates chanted “Lolo!” when he entered the locker room. So is there a chance of this happening? Lolo Tweeted, quote, “Ask Tebow if he wants a glass of milk.  If he says yes, ask him he prefers chocolate.  If he says no, then no more Tebow date suggestions.” It’s not clear what Lolo meant by “chocolate milk”, but her father IS black . . . with some Native American mixed in there. Of course, maybe she just loves chocolate milk and can’t be turned on by a man who doesn’t share her enthusiasm for it. Revisit our very sexy yet virginal Lolo Jones photo gallery here.


ABC: The season finale of COUGAR TOWN
MTV: The season finale of 16 and Pregnant



Daniel Tosh – 37  (Tosh.O)
Annette Bening – 54
LaToya Jackson – 56
Noel Gallagher – 45  (Oasis)
Lisa Whelchel – 49  (Blair on “The Facts of Life”)
Melissa Etheridge – 51
Carmelo Anthony – 28  (New York Knicks superstar)
Mel B. – 37  (Scary Spice from the Spice Girls. She was impregnated by Eddie Murphy . . . who wouldn’t admit the baby was his until a paternity test nailed him)

Bailey O’Dare – 38 – Today’s birthday girl in 55 fine films including:
“Confessions Of A MILF Nympho”
“Street Walkers Volume 3”
“Mother F’ers Volume  3”
“97 Guy Double MILF Creampie”
“Old Throat Gaggers Volume 7”
“Come To Momma Volume 1″
“Ahh ISH White Mama You Got Ass Volume 3”

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