Today’s DISCOUNT NEWS IS ALL ABOUT WTF STORIES. There is just no other way to categorize these stories but by saying, “WTF?!” How about a guy cooking up his package, a dude finding out he’s a she, and a naked dude eats someones FACE!
22-year-old Mao Sugiyama is a chef in Tokyo, and he says he’s ASEXUAL . . . he has no interest in sex.  To the extent that he didn’t even feel like he needed his junk anymore. So he did something perfectly rational.  He had his entire package surgically removed . . . then held a BANQUET where he cooked and served his own genitalia as a gourmet meal. CHECK OUT PICTURES AND MORE INFO HERE!  SICK!

On Saturday afternoon, police in Miami got a call about a NAKED MAN on an off-ramp who had assaulted a homeless guy . . . and was EATING HIS FACE.  That’s right.  The man was naked, attacking a homeless guy, and chewing on his face. When the cops got there they ordered the naked man to back away.  When he wouldn’t, an officer FIRED.  The naked man took the bullet . . . but then KEPT ON EATING.  So the cop shot him at least FIVE MORE TIMES, and finally took him down. The naked guy was killed, and the homeless man was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. The officer who fired the shots is being called a hero by his fellow officers, and his sergeant says that a suspect doesn’t HAVE to be armed to be dangerous . . . and they believe this guy was seriously dangerous. The theory is that he was suffering from cocaine psychosis . . . which is when a person goes crazy from doing too much cocaine.  And they feel hot, which explains why he stripped naked.

About five years ago, 40-year-old Steve Crecelius of Denver, Colorado had a KIDNEY STONE and went to the hospital.  And he got a fascinating diagnosis:  “Yes, it’s a kidney stone . . . and by the way, you’re actually a WOMAN.” That’s right.  Turns out Steve is intersex . . . that’s the modern term for hermaphrodite. He had working male genitalia on the outside, and FEMALE sex organs on the inside that he never knew about.SERIOUSLY?! MORE DETAILS HERE!

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  1. J.J. Bugs says:

    Calling it now. The “naked face eating man zombie” will be a HOT Halloween costume this year.

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