MAYOR FRED was in the building for the reading of the FREAKS! Check out the four ads that we have found on Craigslist and find out who will become the this weeks FREAK OF THE WEEK! Hear Fred read these nominees and then click the link to see who won this week and now qualifies for the Jerry Sandusky Memorial Trophy!

Here are today’s FREAKS….


 1.   Gerri Atrich – A 91 year old grandmother has one last wish to have sex with her before she dies.  She is on hospice and she wants to go out literally with a “bang.”  Must have a gentle touch.  SUPER GROSS!

2. The Black Widow  – A chick is looking for a dude on Fenton and is tired of hooking up with pussies.  She wants to be punched in the face and wants to see blood.  She wants someone to ABUSE THE ISH out of her. AGAIN…WHAT?!?! (MAYOR FRED, RIZZ, and WOODY endorse)

3. The JOBroni – A guy is just looking for a mutual masturbation buddy to talk sports, women, and regular topics but no touchy…just looky. 

4.  Glues Clues  – A man has a contest where you need to go find him during a scavenger hunt at the Library.  He has a JOed in 10 library books and the numbers in the book equal his phone number.  This is truly gross.  STEER CLEAR OF THE SLU LIBRARY! (PATRICO ENDORSES)



If you want to check out Fred at his store (Fred’s Cheapo Depot) get all the information HERE by visiting his website!

Also – need advice from the mayor?! Email him HERE.

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