In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we decided to start things off with some GOOD NEWS and then we hit you with the regular news.  But, all of these stories have a little bit of an overreaction.  And by little…I mean a LOT!

For the last 16 years, Greg Rubar has been working as a waiter at D’Amico’s Italian Market Café in Houston.   A few weeks ago, there were severe thunderstorms in Houston, and Greg’s car was destroyed in a flood.  He’s been taking the bus or a taxi to work ever since, or borrowing the owners’ catering truck when they don’t need it. Two of his regular customers have been eating at D’Amico’s for eight years, and they decided to help out.  They ordered a $27 lunch, and left a stack of 50 hundred-dollar bills for a tip.   That’s a $5,000 tip . . . or 18,518%.  They told him, quote, “We’re still going to come in, but we’re not going to tip you for a while.  This is for you to go out and buy a nice car.”

A Philadelphia mother is facing murder charges after killing her 1-year-old twins and poisoning her 4-year-old daughter before making an attempt on her own life. Stacey Smalls, 41, attempted to commit suicide by slitting her own wrists after she allegedly killed her 1-1/2-year-old son Adam and the boy’s twin sister Eve — drowning one and strangling the other, Philadelphia Police said. Police sources say Stacey Smalls left four notes explaining that she hurt the children because she was apparently upset about an affair her husband was allegedly having. “She had something that she felt was justification but there is no justification… it’s a tragedy two young babies dead and there is no excuse for that,” Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said. Neighbors said that the father came home Thursday afternoon and called 9-1-1. His twin children were dead, his 4-year-old daughter was poisoned and his wife had slit her wrists, cops said. Stacey Smalls was taken to Frankford Hospital while the 4-year-old girl was in stable condition at St. Christopher’s Hospital, police said.

Photos are free.  You can take thousands of them without having to pay for film, or processing, or anything else we used to do back in the Dark Ages of the 1990s.  So if you try to take a photo and it gets messed up, just take another one. That wasn’t good enough for 29-year-old Brian Terrell Strayhorne of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Around 3:15 A.M. on Sunday, Brian was taking a photo at a family resort called Captains Quarters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina . . . when a 26-year-old man and his brother accidentally walked through the shot. And Brian FLIPPED OUT.  He confronted them . . . and ended up STABBING the 26-year-old. The man was hospitalized.  Brian was arrested for assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

Has anyone EVER made a big order at a Taco Bell drive-thru and had them get it 100% right?  I know I’VE never been that lucky. Late night on Memorial Day, 23-year-old Michael Smith of Huber Heights, Ohio went through a Taco Bell drive-thru.  And, as most people would expect, they got his order wrong.  They forgot one of his 99-cent tacos. So Michael drove his truck back through and told them he didn’t get one of his tacos.  They apologized and gave it to him.  But apparently that wasn’t good enough. In a RAGE, Michael decided to CRASH HIS TRUCK into the front door of the Taco Bell.  He shattered some windows and broke the wall . . . then he drove off. But he messed up his car in the process, and leaked a trail of fluid from the Taco Bell back to his house.  The cops followed the trail and arrested him for felony vandalism.

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