In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we chat about ANOTHER cannibal in the news (it’s not the zombie apocolypse’s MOTHER EFFIN DRUGS and CRAZY PEOPLE!) and a dude dies during a THREE SOME and a kid gets an award in her class…and her mom is PISSED!


Hours after his family members alerted police to a human head and two hands they discovered stashed in metal tins, a Maryland man admitted killing his housemate, cutting him up, then eating his heart and part of his brain. Alexander Kinyua, 21, was being held without bail Thursday at the Harford County Detention Center after being charged with first-degree murder, first-degree assault and second-degree assault. His roommate, Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, had left his Joppatowne home six days earlier for an apparent early morning jog. Wearing a T-shirt and shorts, he left his wallet, cell phone and identification at home. On Tuesday, Antony Kinyua — Alexander Kinyua’s father — called a Harford County detective assigned to the missing person’s case and told him about his other son’s gruesome discovery. According to the charging document, the other son explained to the detective how he had come across two metal tins covered by a blanket in the basement laundry room of Agyei-Kodie’s Joppatowne residence. He opened the tins and found the head and hands. The brother said he “confronted (Alexander Kinyua), who denied the remains were human,” then went upstairs to get his father, the detective said in the charging document. When the father and son returned to the basement, “the items he observed were gone and … Alex Kinyua was cleaning the container he observed them in.”


31-year-old William Martinez of Lawrenceville, Georgia was a married father of two.  And back on March 12th, 2009, William had a THREESOME.  Not with his wife.  And not with two women.  With another woman, and a male buddy of his . . . a.k.a., the DEVIL’S THREEWAY. Anyway, William’s heart gave out, and he actually DIED during the threesome.  So his wife and family decided to SUE his doctor, Dr. Sreenivasulu Gangasani . . . for not warning William about the risks of extreme physical activity. Apparently William had high blood pressure, and had visited the doctor one week before the threesome to complain about chest pains.  He was due in for a heart stress test the next week, and should’ve stopped physical activity until then. And this week, a jury actually AGREED with the family.  They awarded $3 MILLION for medical malpractice, because they believed Gangasani should’ve warned William to avoid extreme physical activity . . . including group sex. Gangasani’s lawyers say they’re obviously going to appeal.


The mother of an 8-year-old Arizona girl whose daughter was presented with a “Catastrophe Award” for having the most homework excuses in the class fired back against those criticizing her for poor parenting. Christina Valdez said that her third grade daughter, Cassandra Garcia, received the controversial award from her teacher in front of her classmates at the Desert Springs Academy in Tucson, Ariz. Since the story was first reported, it has sparked a heated discussion online, with thousands weighing in on both sides. Many took issue with the teacher, saying that the award was completely inappropriate, but even more lashed out at the girl’s parents, asking why her mom and dad didn’t know that their daughter was having problems with her homework in the first place and didn’t check on her or take steps to help get her on track.

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