There’s a chick in North Carolina . . . who caused some trouble when she flashed her vag in a yearbook gradation photo. It’s actually from LAST year’s graduation ceremony, and the 2011 yearbooks are just coming out now.  The girl was 18 at the time, so even though you’re going to feel DIRTY hearing about this, at least you’ll be LEGALLY dirty. The girl’s name hasn’t been released, and the other students in the photo aren’t looking at the camera . . . but she’s giving a flirtatious smile. It’s not clear how the photo made it into the yearbook, but naturally, parents are outraged.  Especially since the yearbooks cost $100 each. The school says the girl ISN’T showing her stuff, it’s just an illusion created by the shadows on her thighs…..but take a look…….that’s her vag.

But they’re doing an investigation, and they’ll take action if they find out the girl DID intentionally flash the camera.

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