In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we chat an update about George Zimmerman being BACK IN JAIL.  A couple of hookers for McDonalds…and a dude in New York is running a fish farm.  Gross.  And finally, to cap off the idiots in the news….we chat about a dude who murdered his aunt…over cigarettes.
George Zimmerman’s attorney says he expects to file a motion Monday seeking a new bond hearing for Trayvon Martin’s shooter, who surrendered to authorities in central Florida after a judge revoked his bond. The former neighborhood watch volunteer is charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting February of Martin, an unarmed black teenager, in a gated community in Sanford, outside Orlando. Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty, claiming he acted in self-defense. Defense attorney Mark O’Mara carefully chose his words in addressing his next move before Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Lester, who on Friday said he believed Zimmerman and his wife had lied to the court in April about their finances to obtain a lower bond.

An 18-year-old woman is accused of attempting to sell sex for food. AZ Family reports that Faelyn Ritz faces child prostitution charges after she and a 14-year-old girl allegedly agreed to have sex with two men in exchange for meals from a McDonald’s in Arizona. Ritz allegedly told Tempe police that she had engaged in prostitution since she was 15 years old. This is the second McDonald’s-for-sex story to make headlines in as many months. In April, 47-year-old Christine Faith Baker was accused of attempting to trade sex for two McDonald’s cheeseburgers. But the young ages of Ritz and her alleged accomplice make this arrest standout. Children of the Night, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping end child prostitution, estimates that there are 100,000 child sex workers in the United States today. If you or someone you know is the victim of child prostitution, call the Children of the Night hotline at 1-800 551-1300.

Christopher Toole is violating his lease, or so says his landlord in a lawsuit filed against the New York City tenant. Not only is Toole running a business out of his apartment, he’s stinking up the hallways and the apartment below him. The catch? He’s running an apartment fish farm. He also heads a nonprofit known as the Society of Aquaponic Values and Education, which encourages people to breed tilapia in urban dwellings.

William Null pleaded guilty today to a few charges, including second-degree murder, for beating his aunt to death in Mesa in November. Cigarettes sparked an argument between Null and Cynthia Pesek — at least, that’s what Null told police at the time of his arrest — and after three days of arguing over who paid for a carton of smokes, and Null downing a vodka/Mountain Dew combination, Pesek wound up dead. According to court records Mesa police were dispatched to a home on November 15, where Pesek, 62, was found dead.
The person who called police didn’t give his name but told the dispatcher that Pesek had fallen.  According to the documents, that caller was Null — Pesek’s 41-year-old nephew, who lived in the home — and Pesek’s injuries didn’t seem consistent with a fall.


Parent and teachers were shocked when a video shown at a high school graduation was interrupted by a clip of a student having sex. The film shown during the morning ceremony at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium in Denmark was supposed to celebrate pupils’ experiences with pictures from their school life. Instead, the video watched by 450 graduates, teachers and family members was interrupted by graphic footage of a male student having sex with a woman who does not attend the school.




A dude got his diploma and busted out some TEBOWING and…got in trouble.  Guess what…they withheld his diploma unless he cleaned the whole gym after it.  Weak.  That’s stupid.  Well Tim Tebow had some words defending his actions. I don’t think his diploma should be withheld,” he said. “I think it was probably something a lot of people laughed at. I don’t know that it was necessarily appropriate, but I definitely think he should be able to graduate.

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