RING THE BELL (06/04/12) [AUDIO]

Sometimes you see some questionable male behavior and you just have to call it out.  You have to RING THE BELL on some of these actions.  Check it out…

[audio http://media.1057thepoint.com/Podcasts/1526/RING%20THE%20BELL%206-4-12%2013mins.mp3 ]

In a new sex survey in “Esquire”, they asked men what they’d be willing to do if their wife or girlfriend wanted to try SOMETHING NEW in the bedroom.  Obviously, the number one answer was “threesome with another woman,” at 32%. But that’s not what caught our eye.  We’re looking at the 4% of guys who said the thing they’d MOST want to try is a DEVIL’S THREE-WAY . . . also known as a threesome involving ANOTHER MAN. 9% of the men surveyed also said they’d be willing to try ALL of the items on the list . . . spanking, role play, sex outdoors, and, yes, devil’s three-ways.  Meaning, totaled up, 13% of men would think about bringing another dude into their bedroom.

The Denver Broncos cheerleading tryouts were this Sunday, and over 200 women tried out . . . plus one GUY.  His name is Sacha Heppell, and sadly he didn’t make the squad.  But the video of him auditioning is online, and it’s pretty funny. His dancing was just okay, but his energy level was through the roof.  It’s not clear whether he did it as a joke or not, but according to the video, anyone can try out.

There’s video online of an Australian man CRYING because his daughter met the British boy band ONE DIRECTION. He and his daughter tried everything to get tickets to their concert, but it didn’t happen.   So they chased them down and met them in person as they left a photo shoot. He says, quote, “We got the best thing, a hug from Harry [Styles] and autographs from all the boys.”  Apparently, the whole thing was emotional for BOTH of them, although the girl did manage to say, quote, “Harry smelled really good.” SEE THE VIDEO HERE.  DING. DING. DING.

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