There was a new survey done where they asked people of all ages what makes them the HAPPIEST.  For what it’s worth, things like “orgies” and “giant piles of cocaine” weren’t options. Anyway, these were the five things they found that make people of all ages the happiest . . .


#1.)  Kissing or hugging someone you love.

#2.)  Watching your children, grandchildren, or a close relative succeed.

#3.)  Being told you’re someone who can be trusted or relied on.

#4.)  Spending time with your family or friends at a meal or social gathering.

#5.)  Experiencing a special moment with a child.

And of the 38 activities in the survey, here are the five that do the WORST job at making us happy.

#1.)  Playing board games, cards, or video games.  They do the WORST job of making us happy.

#2.)  Connecting with friends or family on Facebook.

#3.)  Watching or participating in a sport.

#4.)  Completing a puzzle.

#5.)  Winning an award or a competition.

Overall, 68% of people reported being happy.  The breakdown was 49% of people saying they’re somewhat happy, and 19% saying they’re very happy.

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