Today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN segment…ladies – we love you – but sometimes you do and say some really crazy stuff. So – we gotta call you out. We took some calls and rocked out some news stories for today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN!


What the HELL is wrong with this woman?  Last week, a cop in Aurora, Colorado pulled over a woman for making an illegal left turn.  When he looked in the car, he saw something shocking. There was a car seat in the back . . . with a GAS CAN strapped into it using the seatbelt.  Meanwhile a young child was sitting NEXT to the gas can and the car seat in a diaper . . . but he WASN’T in a car seat or wearing a seatbelt. The driver wasn’t wearing her seatbelt either, and a 14-year-old passenger in the front seat also wasn’t wearing hers. The cop asked the woman why her child was unrestrained in the back.  She said, quote, “he unbuckles and buckles his seatbelt by himself all the time.”  The cop responded, quote, “And then buckles in the gas canister?”  She didn’t respond. She was ticketed for an illegal turn, two seatbelt violations, and a car seat violation . . . for having a child under eight not in a car seat.  As of now, she isn’t facing any child endangerment charges.

Officials in Holly Hill evacuated hundreds of people after a bomb threat was called in to an electronics store. Police and fire authorities said the store is Metra Electronics on Walker Street. Laticia Ann Vester, 33, was arrested by officers after the threat was traced to her cellphone. Vester is a contract worker for Metra Electronics and was assigned to the job by an employment agency. Police said Vester made the threat from  her cellphone to the company’s voice mail at 4:30 a.m., but the call wasn’t heard by human resources until around 9 a.m. “There is a bomb,” said Vester on the voice mail call. “Guess where it is?” That call cost businesses in the area thousands of dollars, not including the use of police and county resources. Investigators said bomb-sniffing dogs were called to go through the building. Employees, including Vester, were moved from the area to a safe place on city property by Votran buses, according to authorities. Officials said Vester was trying to discard her cellphone and work identification when she was arrested in the evacuation area.

A woman getting mad at her boyfriend because he won’t commit isn’t exactly big news.  But a woman BEATING UP her boyfriend because he won’t propose is. On Saturday, 24-year-old Nikoleta Karoly of East Naples, Florida allegedly punched her boyfriend in the head, scratched him all over, and started choking him because he wouldn’t commit to marrying her. There are a few twists though.  One, they’ve only been together two months.  And two, she had more of a sense of urgency than most women . . . because her visa just expired and she wanted him to marry her so she wouldn’t get DEPORTED. The police report didn’t say what country she’s from, but her Facebook page lists her high school and college in Hungary. When the police got to the house, Nikoleta told them they had it all wrong.  She said she hadn’t beat up her boyfriend . . . she’d hit and scratched him during ROUGH SEX.  Because, quote, “that makes it better.” The boyfriend disagreed and told them it was over them getting married.  Nikoleta was arrested for domestic violence.

A 40-year-old woman was arrested Saturday night, accused of lighting her husband’s arm on fire with nail polish remover. Idalmis De Armas was at her Tampa homewhen she poured nail polish remover on his upper arm and shorts about 11 p.m. before igniting it with a lighter, an arrest report shows. The victim sustained severe burns to his arm, but declined medical treatment, as well as admitting to deputies that De Armas was responsible for his injuries. They live together with their two children. De Armas confessed to the crime  and clenched her fists and pulled away as deputies tried to handcuff her.

A North Carolinian woman is accused of removing her prosthetic leg in the midst of a scuffle and of beating a man with it. After a feud with 29-year-old Charles Talbert over a trip the pair had made to the grocery store, the unidentified woman confronted him at his Gastonia, N.C., home. And as the dispute escalated, Talbert said, she jumped out of her wheelchair to attack him, ripping out her dialysis tube in the process. She punched him, removed her prosthetic leg and beat him with it, he said, damaging his cell phone and glasses. The woman claimed Talbert had punched her and had been harassing her over the groceries for two days before the scuffle.

Early Saturday morning, 35-year-old Joyce Maxine Gregory of Shelby, North Carolina was having an argument with a 59-year-old man in his apartment.  The police say the two used to be in, quote, “some sort of romantic relationship.” Things got physical, and Joyce, quote, “grabbed him by the scrotum” and started squeezing.  She squeezed so hard that she actually SPLIT IT OPEN and POPPED OUT one of his testes. He was rushed to the hospital.  They were able to fix him up with several stitches, and it looks like he won’t suffer any serious long-term damage. Joyce was arrested for two felonies:  malicious castration, and assault causing serious bodily injury.  Oh, and on the way to jail, she pulled down her pants in the back of the cop car and peed.

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  1. Holy shit! On the joyce story….If I had the ability to call the cops, it’d be for a homicide. Probably would’ve killed a bitch

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