Check out this doll that a mother bought from Houston.  She claims that the doll is supposed to say Mama, Dada, and random baby coos.  But, honestly…at one point it sounds like it may say “Crazy Bitch!”  You watch the video and judge for your self.


A Houston mother is shocked at what she claims is a profanity-spewing doll. Toys “R” Us calls them The You and Me Interactive triplet dolls. Two-year-old Zoe Pickens got a set for Christmas. “The dolls are basically supposed to interact,” said Rose Pickens, her mother. “They laugh, and they play and coo together.” But Pickens says one of them, the one dressed in pink, doesn’t play nice. “She is a potty mouth,” said Pickens. “She actually says the ‘B’ word. I just never paid attention to what the dolls say. They say mama and dada, and this particular day she said you crazy b*tch.” “Please be assured that we would not carry a doll that uttered profanity of any kind,” said Katie Reczek, a spokesperson for Toys “R” Us. “We are aware that some customers believe they are hearing something else spoken by one of the dolls in the set, when, in fact, the doll is uttering baby babble.” Pickens says she’s been offered in-store credit for the price of the dolls, but it’s not enough.

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