In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we chat about the mayor of Valley Park being busted…arrested…and PEPPER SPRAYED! We talk about a huge misuse of resources…and we want you to read this story and tell us…do you believe him?!

Valley Park Mayor Nathan Grellner, who was reportedly arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and confronting police officers in Byrnes Mill Tuesday night, is checking into a hospital for exhaustion. That’s according to Valley Park City Attorney Eric Martin, who tells KMOX, “He’s only 27-years-old this is his second term as a mayor for a city of 7,000 without a city administrator. He has been working 12-hour days, six days a week along with his uncle to run retail business and he’s expecting his first child in August.” Martin says the city is not commenting on Grellner’s reported arrest. The St. Louis Post Dispatch says Grellner led officers on a short pursuit and at one point officers had to put a mask on him to prevent him from spitting at them. Byrnes Mill Police have not returned calls to confirm the story. His case has not yet been turned over to prosecutors.

This is the kind of thing that gives SO many good, honest cops a bad reputation. It happened a few months ago, but the story just came out now.  Michael Meehan is the chief of police in Berkeley, California.  On January 11th, his 16-year-old son’s iPhone was stolen out of his locker at Berkeley High School. So Meehan responded by assigning TEN OFFICERS to track down the phone.  They used the “Find My iPhone” tracking app to locate it . . . and traced it to an intersection in northern Oakland.  But they couldn’t find it. That’s right.  TEN cops were assigned to find one iPhone, and couldn’t find it . . . which, frankly, just makes this case sound even WORSE.  Those 10 cops included four detectives who got paid OVERTIME for the search. No police report was filed about the incident . . . but there were a LOT of complaints from the officers, which is how city officials ended up hearing about it. Meehan didn’t comment on the incident.

DO YOU BELIEVE THIS A-HOLES STORY?! Check out this story…we need your VOTE!

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