In today’s SPORTS we chat about the Cards/Indians series and how Chris Perez celebrated his 20th save of the year.  Plus, some Tennis, NBA, NHL news…and we ask you….do you feel after this weekend, that professional boxing is FIXED?!


The Cardinals dropped their finale against the Indians yesterday after a late game homerun given up by Jason Motte took a 1-1 tie to a 4-1 Indians lead.  The Cardinals continue Interleague play taking on the White Sox starting tomorrow night.  First pitch for tomorrow is scheduled for 7:15.

This is hilarious though.  With the Indians win…their Closer Chris Perez earned his 20th save…and then celebrated by vomiting all over the mound.  Watch the video…and oddly enough…it’s not the first time he’s done it.

So some pretty big sports stuff went on during the weekend.  First – The Pacquiao/Bradley fight happened Saturday and almost immediately was being called controversial. Bradley was named the winner by a split decision and it looks like there is already a rematch scheduled for November.  Funny thing is, Bradley tweeted out a photo for a REMATCH poster back at the end of May.  So of course…folks are already calling fix…

The New Jersey Devils avoided elimination AGAIN by beating the Kings 2-1 in Jersey on Saturday.  The best of seven series now sits at 3 games to 2 in favor of LA.  Game 6 will be played tonight in L.A.

The Miami Heat will be taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder in game 1 tomorrow night of the NBA finals.  The Heat took down the Celtics 101-88 on Saturday with a Game 7 win.  In that series, LeBron James because the first player since Shaq back in 2000 to score 30 points in SIX games in one series.  Again, Heat and Thunder kick off their series tomorrow night.

And finally – Ben Roethlisberger is finna be a daddy.  He tweeted – “Ashley and I are proud to let you all know..we are expecting a boy later this year.  It’s truly a blessing”

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