Earlier this year, a 25-year-old woman in Oregon decided to lie HUGE on her state taxes.  She claimed she’d made $3 MILLION and worked it in TurboTax so she got a $2.1 MILLION refund.  Somehow, that slipped through the cracks and she got a debit card with $2.1 million on it.  She only got busted when she got even GREEDIER and called to claim the card was stolen and she needed a new one.

Rizz is being audited today and it’s driving him crazy.  He’s not worried about anything..its just one of those things that has his stomach in knots.  But, it reminded us of this story we read the other day….


Earlier this year, 25-year-old Krystle Marie Reyes of Salem, Oregon decided that if she was going to cheat, she was going to CHEAT BIG.  She claimed $3 MILLION in income on her state taxes . . . then worked TurboTax so she was due a $2.1 MILLION refund. Krystle’s ACTUAL income hasn’t been revealed, but somehow . . . her scheme WORKED.  Even though multiple people from the Oregon Department of Revenue had to approve a refund that big, Krystle got a Visa prepaid debit card with a $2.1 million balance. She quickly spent around $150,000 . . . then decided to get EVEN GREEDIER.  On May 7th, she called and reported the card was STOLEN, even though it wasn’t.  And she asked them to send her a new one with the full balance. That FINALLY set off a red flag.  After a brief investigation she was arrested last Wednesday for fraud.  The state is also launching an investigation into how her taxes made it through so many people without setting off an alarm.

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