So it’s been a trend on the show lately…we have been bringing you some good news.  And Rizz hates it.  Well, today, we give you some GOOD NEWS…and some bad news.  It’s not bad enough to be classified as a Happy Happy Story but still not great news for folks celebrating a birthday

THE GOOD NEWS: Fred Robinson played running back for the University of Kentucky Wildcats in the 1980s.  So when he lost his right leg in a work accident in 2007, he got a $30,000 prosthetic leg with the Kentucky logo on it.  Fred lives in Florida now, on the Gulf of Mexico.  And while swimming off a boat over Memorial Day weekend, Fred LOST his LEG in the water.  Quote, “I jumped in, and I guess at some point while I was swimming, it SUCKED my leg off.” A week and a half went by, and Fred assumed the leg was gone.  But at 2:00 A.M. Thursday, a shrimp boat captain named Matt Willingham saw a leg floating on the water. When he saw the Kentucky Wildcats logo, he realized he could track down the owner.  He contacted the prosthetic company, they contacted Fred, and he’s getting his leg back today.

THE BAD NEWS: According to a fascinating new study of more than two million people by the University of Zurich in Switzerland, you’re more likely to die on your birthday . . . or within a few days of it . . . than any other day of the year. And the chance goes up the older you get.  By age 60, you’re 14% more likely to die on your birthday or a few days around it than any other day. The researchers believe that the stress that comes from your birthday is the big reason.  A birthday makes you think about how old you are, that stresses you out . . . and it can actually increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke. The study found that men are also more likely to die on their birthdays from accidental deaths . . . and suicides.  The researchers think that could be tied to men being more likely to drink heavily on their birthdays than women.

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